Apr 192011


We is have happening mother.

Check my mummy out!

It was supposed to be a sisters-night-out.

Very seldom we get to get together like this, with one sister in Taiwan, another in New Zealand and me, in Singapore. So whenever we have the chance as precious as this, we try to make full use of it, by spending day and night together.

Then mummy insisted on tagging along.

Trust me, we did try to dissuade her… but man, she was adamant on going and very persistent! Haha!

Merciless teasing flew off shelves like nobody’s business.

Mummy, you would need to pay double if you come for the drinks!

Mummy, what time is your bedtime?

Mummy, whatcha gonna wear? Mini skirt? Or super short shorts?
(her reply, i’ll go naked!)
(then i shot back, then mummy.. i’m afraid you’ll need to pay triple for your drinks!)


In all honesty, we of course, didn’t mind her coming along! I mean, how often this happens in your life? Drinking with your mother… How cool is that?!  It’s just that this is what you get when you have 5 cheeky daughters together under one roof. I can almost hear my poor mummy shouting, mercy mercy! :P

My favourite shot of all – together with my 4 lovely sisters… from the oldest to the youngest, lined in that particular order.

Then the 3 youngest ones tried to take a photo together — yay! me included! (yeah, so bimbo!) — but not without hurdles – simply because the 2 other sisters just cannot leave us alone! AIYOH! Hahaa!

ppssttt: my second sister especially! she’s a total camwhore i tell you. LOL!

But after like nth tries, we finally had 1 nice photo to ourselves.. just the 3 of us (we used to hang out quite a bit last time). *smile*

And my baby sister?

She will always have a special place in my heart… even though she was such a PAIN IN THE ARSE last time. HEE!

Right now, i’m counting down the days to September. It will be our first holiday together then! All 5 of us, just girls … and errr, mother too!!