Apr 212011

First, there’s Earth Hour.

Then, there’s Earth Day.

So what’s Earth Day?

Earth Day, celebrated on 22 April, is a global effort to raise awareness and inspire appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. This year’s Earth Day theme, A Billion Acts of Green, recognises the power of millions of individual actions, both small and large, in making a difference towards sustainable living.

In Singapore, amidst the grandeur of the National Museum where art and history cross paths, Novus exudes its refined charm of fine food and architecture. Seamlessly blending old-world classicism with contemporary style, the fine dining establishments offers a quintessential dining experience that encompasses a fresh and modern interpretation of European cuisine.

Now, Novus celebrates Earth Day with “The Elements of Life”, a special 4- course menu crafted by Executive Chef Stephan Zoisl. Inspired by the four natural elements of Mother Nature – Earth, Water, Air and Fire, diners can expect a feast that triggers the senses — taste, sight, smell and touch as each course unfolds. For this menu, Executive Chef Stephan Zoisl has taken care to incorporate organic ingredients and supplies from sustainable sources. Kudos, Novus!

I was a little late that day.

The first thing i noticed when i took my seat was the bread basket!

So many variety!

So many colours!

It took me quite a bit of self-restraint not to reach out immediately and grab one. Hahaa! Oh you know me… breads and i are best friends! Then, as i was more composed later, my eyes got fixed on the long plate, right next to the bread basket. How pretty! Olives in whole, butter with sunflower seeds topped with greens and olive oil + balsamic vinegar. Nice.

*rubs palms with glee*

True to its gorgeous appearance, the breads did not fail me.

In fact, each and everyone of them passed with flying colours! I had to consciously remind myself not to gobble everything up, because there will be a 4 course meal for me to tackle in a bit. Trust me, if i were to go back to Novus, i’ll probably just order a main and fill the rest of the stomach with these yummy fresh breads. :P

Now, without further ado, i present you..

“The Elements Of Life”.

black winter truffle, Jerusalem artichoke, edible soil, micro vegetables,

Dough infused with molasses creates a tasty, dark edible soil which is paired with truffle, placed in a glassand topped with micro vegetables to represent a column of earth.


I won’t think any less of you if your jaw were to drop or something.


Because mine sure did. Heh.

My first thought was, WOW.

Second thought, Err, edible ah?


It was a very interesting dish. By far, this course impressed me most, not for its taste, but more for its presentation and creativity. Taste wise, if you like truffles, you’ll love this. However, if truffle is a no – no for you, inform the chef please. For myself, i love this, but just half portion will do. It can get a little overwhelming after a while. Too truffle-y! But that’s just me though.

borage leaves, salted fingers, seaweed, oyster leaves, caviar d’ Aquitaine

Succulent scallops and caviar d’ Aquitaine, both products of the sea, are presented in a dish in which seaweed and seashells together with heated water create the aroma of the sea- a notable element of water.


Something new learned from this dish — salted fingers and oyster leaves.

For all the vegetarians out there. Ever wonder how freshly shucked oyster tastes like? You can now. Have a piece of oyster leaf and you will know. And i’m not joking. This small piece of oyster leaf tastes exactly like oyster! How awesome is that?

The scallops were lightly flavoured because of the salted fingers (the green thing that looks like fingers). As its name suggests, it’s salty, which is great with the not-so-salty-juicy-scallops. ;)

shellfish foam, potato & saffron espuma, stuffed zucchini flower

The shellfish foam and potato & saffron espuma represent air by providing this dish with a flavourful dimension of airy textures.


My favourite dish of all!

You know i don’t dig anything foamy or airy yeah? But for this dish, i likey! I heart the shellfish foam. The taste, so robust, so bursting with flavour. Perfect with the cod i must say. Oh, i like the potato and saffron espuma quite a bit too. For this course, I’d say, 2 more servings for me please! Ha!

ppstt : i love how the chef took pains to arrange the zuchini slices on the cod. just like the fish scale!

enflamed elderflower sorbet, Grand Marnier, fresh seasonal fruits, Champagne jelly

The flaming sorbet shows off the visually appealing element of fire in this dessert.


Did you go WOW again?


Tell you a secret. I didn’t lit up mine. HAhahaha! I tried, but the alcohol refused to give in. Then the scaredy-cat me passed it to the friend who took care of it for me. Heh.

Sweet, tangy, bitter.. this dessert has it all. Triggered all (almost) my taste buds it did. Very beautifully done. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Perfect for alcoholics, given how generous the Chef is with Grand Marnier.

This cheese platter you are seeing here is NOT included in the menu but if you like, feel free to order it!

No prize for guessing who was the first to say YES when we were asked if we wanted to try this. Haha!


It was someone’s birthday that day!

Someone with 4 stomachs, or so he claimed!

Happy Birthday, again… Cowie! :)


The Elements of Life” is a 4-course menu priced at $128++ per person. The menu is available for dinner only from 15 – 23 April 2011. For reservations, call 6336 8770 or emailEddy@Novus.sg

Thank you FoodNews and Novus for the invite. So many new things learned!


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