Apr 282011

Lunch is a boring affair at home, on weekdays (+ Saturday) that is. Oh wait, make that weekends too… since we always eat the same thing on Sunday! –> man, you have NO idea but ermm, nope, i’m not really complaining though.. because i do look forward to that piping hot bowl of fishball noodle with fried fish fins no matter how boring it is. Heh.

Anyway, i got some dried shrimp noodle from the wet market sometime ago, which was highly raved by the friendly and chatty po-po which i had no recollection at all until last week. Seeing that i have a few drumsticks in the freezer, i rolled up my sleeves and got down to some serious work (heh..as if!).

This dish was roughly thrown together, praying hard that the boys might like it. They are a bunch of fussy brats! But whether they still need to eat it or not is another story altogether though… *wicked grin*

Chinese Shrimp Noodle with Grilled Chicken

(serves 4)

2 big bowls of ikan bilis – anchovy stock (i measure according to the noodle bowl which i usually use)
4 x shrimp noodle
a bunch of blanched chye sim
fish sauce, to taste
pepper, to taste

For chicken

4 drumsticks
honey, to glaze
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
few dashes of sesame oil
few dashes of pepper
a dash of shaoxing wine

To serve

fried shrimps, optional
dried shrimp sambal belacan — a MUST!

shrimp noodle

To cook chicken

1. Preheat oven to 190C.
2. Marinate chicken with all ingredients (A) for at least 15 minutes.
3. Grill chicken for 10 minutes or till golden brown, turning once.

To cook noodle

1. Boil noodles in the stock until al dente.
2. Serve with piping hot golden chicken and blanched vegetables immediately.

So how did my boys like it?

Errrmm… they loved the chicken but they don’t quite like the idea eating the chicken with noodle soup though.

To them, grilled chicken must be eaten with my chicken flavoured rice // chicken rice way. Soaking the crispy chicken skin in the soup is a total waste, the boys mused.


(for the record, the soup was really very little. You know, just enough to soak the noodle up to its knee that’s all)

But will i cook this again? Naaahhh… If the boys don’t fancy the idea of having grilled chicken in noodle soup, then no grilled chicken in noodle soup it is.

However, i’ll probably do some tweaks here and there, such as serving the grilled chicken with kon-lo (dry) noodle instead of soup! ;)

  20 Responses to “Chinese Shrimp Noodle with Grilled Chicken”

  1. It’s a great feeling to be able to use up all the ingredients in the fridge, better still concocting something that looks so delicious! I love cooking with those shrimp noodles as they are quite flavoursome after rehydrating in cold water.

  2. Delicioco! I love how you’ve presented this. Very Donna Hay!

  3. oh my goodness i feel the same way too! it is always the same thing…recycled over and over and over again…same dish..same dish and it gets so boring.

    well at least you are very inventive in what you have at home and i like how you used the chicken and noodles this way. look like a very expensive meal!

    i just had some beef curry and my partner said it looked like ‘dog food’ hahahaha…gosh i really wanted to chuck it in his face but thats another story lol

  4. Wow this dish looks super delicious! I wish the boys love them a little more though, the colours are lovely!

  5. I love Har Zai Mien too. They are so versatile! Who needs instant noodles when you have these!

  6. chopinandmysaucepan : thank you! rehydrating it in cold water? i must give it a try when i try the dry version!

    john : merci! my friend says the same thing too.. been reading too many DH’s magazine! :P

    ann : i can empathize. after all the effort put in by us and insults?!?! grrrrrr!! trust me, been there done that. hahaahahaa!

    allie : thanks dear.. i know! wish they would love it a little more too. but nevermind, i’ll do a dry version next time ;)

    shirley : *wide eyes* suaku me, seeing this type of noodle for the first time! hahahaa.. oops!

  7. Your photograph grabbed my attention on Foodgawker! What a beautiful dish too.


  8. Boring.. I say not, I can almost hear myself slurping the noodles without any manners!!! nommers!

  9. They don’t like? give that to me! I like! ;p

  10. Hey konlo sounds like a fabulous idea and also great for soaking up all the juice from the roasted chicken! yum!

  11. laura : thank you! :)

    elle : heeee! what a compliment to the chef!

    tigerfish : hahahaa! *pass 1 bowl to tigerfish*

    jeannie : YEAH!! can throw in all the juice from the grill pan too ;)

  12. I can tell that I am going to like this one a lot!

  13. mmmm This looks GOOD and I don’t even care for chicken skin

  14. Oh dear chicken god, that look soooooo good. I want to just grab that skin off. Nom nom nom.

  15. this noodle dish looks so good. and that piece of chicken thigh! omg..

  16. Please let me know where to buy this particular brand of noodles in Singapore.

  17. er….hi, may i ask how long will u need to cook this dish?

  18. May I ask what do you mean by dehydrate noodles in cold water? Soak in cold water and ready to eat? Still need to boil in hot water to cook?

  19. Thanks all for your kind comments :)

    cantoncook : i got this pack from a grocery store in Bukit Batok wet market. Good luck in searching yours!

    emily : just half an hour will do!

    michelle : i don’t believe i wrote that.. The instruction i gave was “boil noodles in the stock ntil al dente”.

  20. Would anyone who has been a portion on the program from the beginning mind sending me copies from the prior letters? I’m signed up now but unfortunately did not hear of this until now. Many, many thanks in advance.

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