May 082011

If i ever  read my own blog 10 years down the road, the first category that i’d click on would be “motherhood”. :)


While the boys and i were watching Discovery Channel one day on how whales were killed by humans… boy2 went up to the telly and wanted to turn it off.

Me : don’t. why do u wanna switch off the tv?

boy2 : because i don’t want you to cry anymore… (shows sad face)


When i was lecturing boy1 on how one needs to look neat, tidy and presentable……

boy1 : it’s easy for you to say!

me : what made you say that? I need to put in effort too you know.

boy1 : no. u are pretty. so it’s always easier for you. even my friends said so!

me : *puzzle look* your friends?

boy1 : yes, my school mates said “soooooooo gooood! your mother so pretty”.


Half an hour after an ugly episode with boy2 (i was extremely unhappy with him), MIL offered to bring him with them to Malaysia for a 1 Day tour and i think i was a little to quick to say yes.

mil : didi, see.. your mom is so nice to let u come with us.

boy2 : nooooooooooo! (in that defensive tone) mom said yes merely because she couldn’t wait to get rid of me. mom doesn’t want me to be around.

me : *blink*blink*oops, busted!*


Because i am always eating….

boy2 : mom, if you are gonna eat like this, you will be fatter than popo (my mother) in no time.

me : am i fat now?

boy2 : yes (in a no-nonsense tone)


Few days earlier…

me to boy2 : if you cannot control your temper, i have no choice but to send you to a hospital where people have no control over themselves.

3 days later… when i was munching on junk food..

boy2 to me : if you cannot control your eating habit, then mom, u also need to go to the hospital where people have no control over themselves.

me : *quickly scurried to the kitchen to keep the junk food i was munching on after lunch. DAMN!*