May 112011

from left : chicken eggs, century egg, salted duck egg


Didn’t realize i have so many photos for this entry!

To be honest, this dish is a little new to me. I’ve never had this all my life till recently. However, if you are talking about steamed water egg — 蒸水蛋 — then it’s entirely different story altogether. That my friends, was my childhood food. In fact, it was one of my favourite dishes by my dear mother. And today, it has became my boys’ favourite too (it’s not hard to love this egg dish!).

So where did i learn of this Three Emperor Egg dish?

Not restaurants or online for sure. I actually tried googling but lo and behold, there’s almost zero information available for this egg dish on the internet! Almost unbelievable actually if you were to ask me. I mean, internet supposed to have everything right? No?

Anyway, i remember reading it long, long time ago in the newspaper, a recipe posted by a reader but that was it. It was only recently when i was served this unforgettable spinach with 3 eggs combo dish at a Chinese restaurant and seeing how much i enjoyed it, then i made it a point to try this dish out, based on my mom’s 蒸水蛋 recipe.

i love mine silky and creamy, just like this! BEST!

Three Emperor Egg

(based on my mom’s steamed water egg recipe)

4 eggs, using CP Chilled Eggs*
1 salted duck egg (dice the yolk, save the egg white)
1 century egg, roughly diced
12 x half egg shell water/stock**
1/2 tsp salt, to taste

Left (clockwise) : century egg, chicken egg (beaten), diced century egg and salted duck egg yolk, salted duck egg


1. Beat eggs, salted egg white and water together till well.
2. Stir in diced salted egg yolk and century egg.
3. Add salt.
4. Steam egg over low heat (and i mean really low) in a boiling wok/pot for just 10 minutes or till the surface hardens. But if it’s wobbly, it’s perfectly fine too. However that really depends on personal preference though.
5. Serve immediately.

Optional : feel free to garnish the dish with fried shallots or pepper or soy sauce or sesame oil. for me, i like mine unadulterated. ;)


This is how i usually serve this dish actually. Steaming in bowls is a little tougher. It gets cooked too quickly!

Verdict : I love this egg dish very, very much. But if you are anything like my boys, who dislike the foul smelling century egg, then you may not like it that much. If that’s the case, skip the century egg! And there is no need to alter anything else in the recipe.

Do give this a try!

A couple of Q & As

  • So why do i use the egg shell to measure the water?

It’s because eggs’ sizes vary so, using its own shell is the best way to measure the water that is needed to make the custard smooth.

  • Do i strain my eggs to remove bubbles?

Nope. That’s why you could see some bubbles forming at the side. But you could if you want to.

  • What’s the secret to silky smooth custard?

The heat. Hence, like i mentioned, use very low heat to steam.

Last but not least, never let the base of your bowl/plate to touch the boiling water during steaming!

All the best to those who would be trying. :)


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Thank you, Jacqualine from Vibes Communication for the CP Chilled Eggs.