May 122011

It was a beautiful day today.

The sun went into hiding and almost the whole day, if not whole, the weather was perfect.

I like.

So i’m officially 31… a 30-something daughter, wife and mommy.

So they say age is just a number. Errmmm… judging from ma behaviour, i have no choice to but to agree wholeheartedly. Grin. I really don’t behave like a 30 something for sure. Sometimes, i think my friends who are not married conduct themselves in a much more appropriate manner than me! Heh. What’s worse is most of the times, the gfs would stare at me in disbelief and proclaim that i gotta be the most not-motherly mother in the whole wide world! LOL!

Even Darcy thinks so too — i received a card from him today asking me to grow up otherwise, i’ll get a slap…… on my backside! Hmmpphhhh!

Please tell me it’s not such a bad thing to treat my babies as friends. I mean, i do act like a mother when i need to, you know. Err.. to friends who have seen the clip of me monkeying up the mango tree, yes.. mango tree (!) and successfully plucked 2 juicy green and very sour looking fruits whilst the boys cheered on from the ground, husshhhhhhhhhhh!

This year, i would like to wish for something else. No longer the same ol’ same ol’ .. happiness.

This year, i wish for better memory.

To those whom i’ve not whined to, just so you know.. my memory is getting from bad to worse to worst.


Have you known anyone who had just washed her face 10 minutes earlier and went back in to the bathroom and wash it 10 minutes later? No? Well, now you do. Mind you, it’s not just that. I have difficulties in remembering words as well. If you find me using strange or the wrong word to express certain things, that’s because i couldn’t remember / recall a better word for it and then i would anyhow use a word as a substitute. It’s humiliating to say the least.
(psstt : u have no idea how many times i’ve wanted to dig a hole and bury my head in when i re-read my entries. Hahaa! Yes, i don’t have a habit of going through my entry before i click “Publish”)

I’ve no idea how good your memory is or was, but for me, i gotta say i’m pretty blessed when it comes to this department. I don’t toot my own horn most of the time, or rather not at all (because i’m a perfectionist unfortunately but luckily, i’m a lazy one too. HA!) but this, i have to say, i used to have pretty extraordinary memory. I can remember like not many does. In school, i was a teeny weeny well known for being one of the tops  in History and Geography (i was in Science stream by the way and Biology rocks fyi!). I can remember numbers exceptionally well. I never forget friends’ birthdays and thankfully, i still don’t. In short, i used to be the friends’ walking dictionary especially during examination period. Dates, names, places, events, terms, formulas … bring it on baybeh!

So yeah, imagine my current frustration. :(

For someone who blogs, it’s really quite trying. That explains the lack of better or more appropriate words used in my entries aye? These days (since last week actually), i try to jot down words that i don’t use often in a small book. Occasionally, i will go through them just so i don’t forget. As for my spoken language, good gawwwdd.. i really don’t want to discuss that. All i can say is that i often pause, mull and out of frustration, i’ll just use words that aren’t suitable . Worst situation ever? I spout incoherent sentences! *face palm*

So enough is enough.

I’m really sick of having this leaky memory of mine. So this year, i’ll put aside my happiness and wish for better memory. It doesn’t matter if i don’t have back the memory which i used to have before. 50% improvement would be more than good enough.

Screw childbirth x 3 (!!) but hey, no regrets.