May 182011

U guys are amazingly kind!

No one mentioned about my previous entry on the identical photos. Heh!

For a while, i had expected some back lashing. I mean, 2 identical photos but with different focus point?!?! What an easy way out! *grin* Alas, no one said anything!


Errr.. you did notice the different focus point, didn’t you?


Anyway, back to this entry.




A match made in heaven!

I believe durian needs no introduction in this blog anymore.

After Durian Cake and Durian Puffs, i bet you’d know how much i love durians by now aye? I think i had made it quite clear earlier? Damn, i’m really so Dory these days! *clicks on the Durian Cake entry* Aahh okieee, i did!

So yes, durian and tiramisu…

On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being extremely impatient and 1 being i don’t really care, photographing these precious in cups propelled my already-not-so-patient nature to 9.9 (!!) and i kid you not. Usually, i could carry on shooting for 5 to 10 minutes, playing with the angles and my few props but this tiramisu, let’s just say.. i didn’t even give a damn how the photos turned out because all i wanted to do was to wolf all of it down. STAT!

Man, you have no idea how trying it was, fighting the urge to just to drop the camera and EAT! You know, one of those very rare ‘screw the photos…screw the blog. I just wanna eat the friggin food‘ moments. In this case, it was durian-misu!

Durian Tiramisu

(adapted from here)

~ Oh yes, do check out Cuisine Paradise’s Eggless Durian Tiramisu too while you’re at it. Ellena’s version looks equally lip-smacking if not more ;)

*yields 6 cups + 1 full casserole in the smallest size
* as for lady’s finger, i like this brand starts with V that can be found in all Cold Storage, Singapore. the packaging is orange in colour.

90 ml water
90 ml milk
75ml Bailey
15 ml rum
1 teaspoon vanilla
1.5 tablespoons melted chocolate or chocolate syrup


500g mascarpone cheese
250 g whipping cream
500g durian flesh, pureed with hand blender
50-70g sugar
15 -25ml XO whisky or Otard

Roast the lady fingers in the oven at 160°C for about 5 minutes. (Optional) could be done without. Roasting the ladyfingers will give the cake a better flavor.

First make the cream and place in the refrigerator.
Beat very well the whip cream + the above sugar until sugar is dissolved, make sure you don’t mix it too much (whip cream can turn to curds if over beaten), and then, beat the cheese for just a few seconds. Combine cream, cheese and durian. Add whisky. Mix well.

For the syrup
Place all the ingredients into a measuring cup and warm 30 seconds in the microwave. It doesn’t need to be hot, just warm would do.

Assemble the cake
Place a layer of lady fingers on the bottom of the baking pan, using exactly half the liquid sprinkle all over the lady fingers, make sure you don’t put too much in one side and less in other areas.

Take a tea strainer and powder with cocoa (about 1 full teaspoon-if needed more add as desire) all over the lady fingers.
Take 1/2 of the cream mixture and place it in the middle of the cake. This is a little tricky… cream tends to stick to the spoon and get loose because of the cocoa powder. What I do, is push the cream towards the sides of the pan, until it touches the walls. The cream must touch the walls all around, and make sure the cream is spread well and no holes are communicating with the lady fingers bellow. We don’t want any liquid to go to the layer bellow.

Place next layer of lady fingers over the cream, sprinkle the rest of the syrup, sprinkle with cocoa and place the rest of the cream on top of everything. Level well and sprinkle plenty with cocoa.

Refrigerate over night.
(which i doubt you would. I didn’t)


Halfway through fiddling with the camera, i decided i had enough. I took the spoon and well, the rest of the story… it’s for me to know and not for you to find out. Not good for ma image, y’know! (if, i had one to begin with that is) HA!

I went into action (read : snap, click, snap) with 5 full cups (of tiramisu).

And I came back with just 3 + 2 empty ones.

Photography can never be more satisfying than this! HEE!


if u must know, i call this, my cuppa haven~

If you love durian and if you love tiramisu, you MUST, MUST give this a go.

Bet you will come scolding me after that… for causing you much distress with your extra kilos! ;)

  105 Responses to “Durian Tiramisu”

  1. OMG, this is so seducing! I was curious how easy you can get durians over your place. I’m pretty no one can ever resist such dessert. Enjoy & have a great day.
    Blessings, Kristy

  2. OMG, this is so seducing! I was curious how easy you can get durians over your place. I’m pretty sure no one can ever resist such dessert. Enjoy & have a great day.
    Blessings, Kristy

  3. I say yes to tiramisu and a very hesitant maybe to durian. I just can’t get used to the flavour!

  4. I did notice your two difference point of focus photos in the cookie post, I had to look twice and scroll up and down but yes, I noticed. :D

    The thing about tiramisu in cups, there’s nothing much to photograph. Everything is hidden in the layers and all you can see is the top dusted with insane amount of cocoa. Best to just get to it with a spoon before everything melts in this ungodly heat.

  5. durian tiramisu!? I am keen to try!

  6. kristy : we have abundance of durians throughout the year, now especially. Durian season! i live in Singapore so it’s not hard to get durians at all. :)

    john : comeeeeee.. i’ll convert you!

    pickyin : HAHA! you noticed! tell me about it.. tiramisu in cups is so not photogenic. all i wanted to do was dig in!

    anh : and u must!

  7. No need to get impatient! Just make one extra cup and eat while you photograph the rest :)

    I think Goodwood Park’s new item this year is Durian Tiramisu. The spoonful of durian there looks so delicious. ( I almost wanted to write yummy…but that is not my usual spoken lingo..:) )

  8. hehe you love durian so much! i like the smell of durian, but the taste not so much. just yesterday there was a girl eating durian ice cream on the tram, it stank the tram up! but it didn’t even smell like proper durian…ah

    oh yeh, i noticed the different focus points too :D i would have never thought of that before :)

  9. I’m trying hard to imagine the taste! Must-try!

  10. shirley : haha! yeah hor.. silly me, didn’t think of that! hey, i’ll be going for the durian high tea at Goodwood this coming Monday. definitely will eat cups of this! ;)

    grub : yes, i do and i do! but! i can’t do durian with rice or noodle though. too yucky! haha! oh, they don’t ban durian from trams? i thought they did?!?!

    pigpigscorner : i can tell ya! it’s like creamy durian cream!

  11. hm i don’t think it’s that much of a serious issue here in Melbourne to actually ban durian from trams. plus very rarely we see someone lugging durians or durian ice cream in the city. btw are those wooden spoons from daiso? i went yesterday and saw the same ones.

  12. Okay… I’m not so much a Durian fan, but I’ve only had it once, I am however a lover of all things mascarpone…. = )

  13. grub : ahh.. then i must have remembered wrongly! yup! the spoon is from Daiso :)

    elle : mascarpone is YUMS!

  14. I hope the “ang mohs” don’t say tiramisu is stinky! I want some of your durian tiramisu right now!

  15. This looks great. I will go back and check the post you talking about :-)

  16. tigerfish : hahahaa! not all will say that.. some LOVE’em! check your mail. just sent over ;P

    kulsum : thank you! hope those posts will appeal :)

  17. Durian Tiramisu…very interesting combo! I have a funny relationship with durian. Sometimes I love him and other times I wanna run as far as I can from him because he stinks!
    Beautiful photos – it’s not easy to make durian beautiful …most times he just looks squishy.

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  20. Hi,

    Can you give tips on how to slice the chiffon cake? Mine always turn out terribly.

  21. Judy : awww thanks! Hope your relationship with durian has improved by now. :)

    PH : a good sharp serrated knife will do the trick. Good luck!

  22. [...] (Perhaps that answers one of the questions you were just starting to articulate, “Why would people be bringing fruit into a hotel room in the first place?”  Your other question, of course, is “Where can I get one of those baby hedgehogs?”) For more information: There are dozens of websites with recipes for durian-flavored desserts. Just type “durian recipe” into your search engine. (Mmmmm…. Durian tiramisu!) [...]

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