Jun 092011

So, there were no leeches. PHEW!

Of course, i was jesting about the lions and tigers too. These wild cats cannot be found in Borneo fyi.

But kucing the cat?


Kuching isn’t called Kuching for nothing after all. There’s even Cat Museum at the suburb!

Our short 5 days’ itinerary :

Day 1 – Arrived in the late evening.

Day 2 – Bako National Park.

Day 3 : Bako National Park.

Day 4 : Annah Rais Longhouse & Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Day 5 : Departed early in the morning.


Will i recommend Kuching to anyone?

I’d say, why not?

To be honest, the town is rather boring. Apart from eating, there’s nothing much to do. But hey, what is holiday for? We are supposed to slow down and smell the flowers, aren’t we?

Kuching reminds me of West Malaysia 25 years ago. Today, even if you were to visit Penang or Ipoh, you might not be able to find whatever you’ve found or felt in Kuching. Penang and Ipoh, heck, even Kota Kinabalu in Sabah do not match Kuching in terms of kampong feel. Kuching is a league of her own — raw, uncommercialized and tourists are almost non-existent!

If you are, however, someone who are not enamoured by mother nature and laid-back lifestyle, please.. do skip Kuching.

The main reason why i brought my brood to Sarawak is because living in Singapore, they have taken many things for granted. They have no idea what some lives are like for many other young children and adults too, for that matter. They often whine and complain of the food they eat — yes, they do, especially when they don’t get the food they’ve requested from me, the toys that i refuse to buy, the amount of homework they have to complete and the chores which i sometimes made them do despite the fact that we’ve a live-in helper.

Does it work?

I would like to think so, for now that is.

Because i did threaten them that the next time i hear another complain, i’d fly them there myself and leave them behind. Yes, i’m really quite a meanie mother like that. I have zero tolerance for spoilt brats.

Another reason i brought them to Sarawak is to experience the wonders of mother nature at Bako National Park. Like me, the boys enjoy trekking in jungle quite a bit. With our knowledgeable guide, this trip was exceptionally educational, to boy1 especially. Everything that he had learned during his Science lessons for the past 6 months was put to test — Living things and non living things and their characteristics, plants’ systems, grouping and classifications.

As for the younger 2 boys, it was just fun, fun and more fun especially with the wild boars and macaques. More on Bako National Park and its geli bed bugs + matresses later!

psssttt : but if given a choice, methinks the boys would rather just stay in at the hotel all day and all night long! *sigh* city boys (old and wrinkly boy included!). tsk.

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  1. Hehe finally I meet another person who knows what the word “geli” means! And yes, Kuching is indeed very ulu but I hope it left an impression on your boys :)

  2. I actually enjoyed my few days in Kuching when I was there. Ageed, there isn’t a great deal to do other than eat or swim in the glorious Hilton swimming pool, if you’re staying there. I loved the hawker food market on the rooftop of a carpark and that little side street full of bars and restaurants. Ooh and the outdoor night hawker stalls on the other side of the river. Yum yum. Man I wish I was a blogger back then!

  3. Hi, we have been to Kuching on an average of once a year for the past couple of years. Both my husband and I have friends there and it is only when we are in Kuching for a getaway, I feel truly recharged when I come back to our urban jungle. When I go to places like HK and BKK where I shopped too much, I just come back more tired than when I left off. You are right, there is nothing much to do that which is precisely why I feel more rejuvenated! We are going to Kuching again at the end of Jul and hope to see more of Kuching than I previously did. :)

  4. I have never been to that part of Malaysia! I heard it’s quite boring, but would love go for their food!

  5. I haven’t been to Kuching too! Hopefully I will get to visit one day!

  6. HUbby’s elder brother moved to Sarawak years ago and back for holiday lately. He told us how he loves living there now. We will visit him someday.
    Btw dear, I have some awards for you. Please feel free to hop over to collect it.
    cheers, Kristy

  7. janine : hee! have been using that word since young!

    john : i was torn between Hilton and Pullman. in the end, picked Pullman :) And all those makan places u mentioned, i went there too! (except the hawker at the other side of the river)

    mrs ergul : i totally agree. i didn’t come back feeling tired at all. enjoy your Kuching trip next month! :)

    pigpigscorner + mycookinghut : u should! i cannot forget the kolo mee.. haha! craving for it now :P

    kristy : it sure looks like a nice place to retire. *smile* thanks for the award! i’ll collect it when i return to Singapore in a couple of days’ time yeah? :)

  8. Really appreciate you sharing this post.Really thank you! Really Great.

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