Next week, will you come soon?

I can’t wait to sit down on a lazy afternoon, surfing leisurely, reading, laughing, tearing (yes, it happens!) or drooling over my favourite blogs, and i definitely can’t wait to get my hands on baking and cooking again! I’ve been running around like a madwoman ever since the school holiday started. Scheduling 2 holidays, albeit  short ones, can be a little taxing, especially when both breaks involved the entire clan (read : 3 little dudes)!

Truth be told, had i not been one of the finalists for the Singapore Blog Awards 2011, perhaps.. i might not feel this way. Shortly after our return from Sarawak, i got to know about the good news from Ellena, Cuisine Paradise — she’s one of the finalists in my category too, a fabulous baker and cook, do vote for her as well (!),  who tweeted us the congratulatory tweet.

By the time i settled down comfortably, everyone (the finalists) i know of had already blogged, tweeted, facebook-ed, rallying for votes. Because this whole experience is rather new to me, i felt a little paiseh to canvas for votes. Haha! Bizarre i know but i’m really quite strange like that! In the end, i still couldn’t quite go about doing it and by then, it was time for break no.2, which happened 2 days later!

Right before break no.2, i received a mass email from the organizer asking to prepare ourselves a rally speech for a video interviews at News Centre. Of course i couldn’t go, and the next option was to send a short video of myself which i couldn’t as well, because i had no access to Internet at where i was! Waaahh, you simply can’t imagine my anxiety then as the deadline for submission drew nearer. My last option was to do a rally post on the blog, which i, or rather, my right-hand man, did — Please say you noticed the difference in our writings! I had no choice but to summon Darcy to do it for me, which i had edited a teeny weeny bit to make it more me. Darcy’s writing was too kayu laahhh. Heh!

Since last week, i had stuck many many many collagen masks onto the face to thicken the skin a little, so here i am, canvassing votes for myself for the very first time! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Right, so….

Please vote for me! ;)

I’m very pleased to know that my effort and hours put in for this blog are being appreciated. It makes me go… awwwwww…. followed by a smile so happy that you can barely see my iris! Haha! If you know me personally, you’ll know that is almost impossible because me is got big eyes, for Chinese standard that is! Of course, i didn’t start this blog for all this so-called reward or recognition.

I blog because i love. I blog because i enjoy. I blog because i like. And I blog because i wanna remember.

But along the way, if the efforts are being recognized, i’d say, bring it on!

Though it might seem a little impossible to emerge as the winner with so many big names and talents, together with 2 past winners in the same category, i’ll just hope for the best. So long i have given my all, i’ll have no regrets. Errrr, not all (Twitter and Facebook) yet as for now… but by tomorrow night i will!

How to vote

1. Please click on this link. If you can’t, feel free to cut and paste –>

2. You have to log in just one time, or if you do not have an account yet, you can register for free, which takes just 1-2 minutes to complete.

3. While you are at it, “LIKE” me too! :P

4. Last but not least, click “Vote Now”.

. Overseas (non-Singaporean) readers can also register and vote. Any ID number will do for NRIC / FIN no column.

. Voters can vote once a day, every day, for all categories. Closing date for voting is July 3rd, 2011.

Oh, this year, lucky voters will walkaway with some great prizes too (not just winners anymore)! Check out the prizes here. So, all the best to you as well. *wink*


Of course, it’s not a must to vote for me if you don’t feel like it. Really!! There are many other gorgeous and informative food blogs in the category, so.. just pick and vote for your favourite, ok? :)

If you are curious on who are the current top 3 favourites or leading blogs, you can do so here.

Last but not least, thank you so very much for your support and vote(s). I really appreciate it. Some of you – you know who you are – are simply amazing(!!), rallying for me when i didn’t even do it for myself. Smile. Most importantly, thank you for reading me all these while. In fact, that alone is good enough for me actually. But errrmm, vote for me also lah ok? ^_^


11 Responses to “Thoughts on Singapore Blog Award 2011”

  1. All the Best Sherie!! Jia You! :D
    Question: So why Maameemoomoo?

  2. u too, Daniel. Gambatte! :)

    answer : there was this animation which i found rather cute and i love their song — Maameemoo. the extra ‘moo’ came about when maameemoo (username) was taken at the time i was registering at blogspot, back in 2004!

  3. Hey, I just got back from my business trip so I am a little slow to find out but not too slow to vote though:) congratulations!

  4. Thank you, Shirley! :D

  5. Voted for you & wishing you all the best!

  6. Good luck for the awards, dear! :)

  7. kristy + joelle : Thank you! :D

  8. Hi!! :)

    Came to your blog via Yann’s blog! Congrats on your blog nomination! Likewise, it’s my first time getting nominated as 1 of the finalist for best lifestyle blog and i couldn’t been more honoured. Although, i must admit that it feels really uncomfortable for me to rally for votes because frankly, i never quite fancy such popularity contest! 1 of my fav blogger (also nominated in the same category) gave me a really good piece of advice to enjoy the moment but not get sucked into the competition and it’s been a motto that i’ve been following :)

    Anyway, congrats again on your nomination and hopefully, i’ll get to see u for the dinner this weds at 1 rochester! :) good luck!

  9. steph :

    hi!! thank you and congrats to you too! just hopped over to your blog and boy, it’s lovely! What a beautiful blog u have there!

    Aaahh.. sound advice from your blogger friend. Gotta say, i totally agree! I’m enjoying the experience for sure and importantly, the number of nice new friends i have made since. :)

    I’ll see you on Wednesday and all the best to you!


  10. Hey babe, I can’t rem if I commented about this before – I’ve been faithfully voting for you! Fell in love with your food photos – I think that’s how I started reading your blog :) Totally agree with the advice you were given!!!

  11. babe : thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! and i have been voting for your faithfully too. AHEM. Your photos rock also lahhhh.. lovingly captured! <3

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