Jul 312011

Honestly, I have never thought that through blogging, i am able to make and meet so many great humans and Ellena from Cuisine Paradise is one of them. It’s my honour to have her as a friend really. Not only she is a great cook and baker, she’s got a kind and caring heart too. Oh, making you feel right at home is her forte!

So what do you when a nice friend invites you to do a guest post for her on her award winning blog?

Of course you’d say, OKAY!

Ellena, the recipe developer and an award winning blogger who has been featured on the newspapers, magazines and the list goes on (seriously, you won’t want me to continue because it’s never ending!) has a collection of tested and tried recipes from cookbooks as well as some of very interesting self concoct recipes. Aiyahhhhhh, for more information, see this page and you’ll know why i can’t really write or introduce Ellena properly. HEheheheheheHEHehehe!

When Ellena approached me, she has already had a specific food in mind for me to whip up for her.

Bread, she requested.

And bread she gets!

To be more specific, it’s Cheese & Mayo Bun that is purrrrfectttt for breakfast, lunch, tea time or dinner.. in my book that is. HEE! Again, i used water roux method (tangzhong) for this bread because well, the boys love them soft and fluffy. You know, there was a period of time, in fact.. it was just last month, that we had this almost 5 days a week and the boys didn’t even complain one bit. Really, not even a single bit being a whiner they are when i cook or bake something repeatedly. That’s something aye?


To be fair, they are HUGE on cheese… so that could be it. Buttttt, i like to think otherwise though. HAHAHAHA! :P

For more photos and recipe, please hop over to my post on Cuisine Paradise. While you are there, don’t forget to check out Ellena’s beautiful blog.

I’m submitting this to YeastSpotting.

  11 Responses to “Guest Post on CuisineParadise : Cheese & Mayo Bun”

  1. Perfect! Looks just like the store bought versions! Yummm! I am willing to trade my macarons for your bread!

  2. Very cheesy….I like :p

  3. Nommers!!!! Looks so delish!

  4. shirley : DEAL!! I want all of the flavours u made ok?

    tigerfish : hehee.. we also likey very muchie!

    elle : thanks babe!

  5. Looks really good,.. I am getting hungry!!

  6. mycookinghut : i can never resist breads and buns!

  7. Like you, I can live with bread :)
    I’m so into play dough recently . Your cheese mayo buns look really good! Love the texture of your buns. Will try this combination. In any case, if you like buttery sugar bun too, I will recommend u this recipe I tried days ago which I like it very much. Thought share with u since we love bread so much!

  8. Jessie : would love to try your sugar bun! i’ve been quite lazy.. i bake the same old same old bread again and again. hehee!

  9. Hello, I tried the recipe and my bread turned out soft and fluffly, even until the next day. i would like to ask if its possible to substitute the bread flour with wheat or wholemeal flour instead for a healthier choice? Thank you in advance! ^^

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  11. Enjoyed every bit of your blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.

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