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I”m fairly sure most of us in Malaysia and Singapore know what Ramly burger satu means. For you who haven’t been to Malaysia or don’t quite understand Malay language, Ramly burger satu simply means, one Ramly burger please – usually directed to the burger seller or his assistant.

RM 2.50 a pop (SGD$1.20), Ramly burger can be found on just about every street corner in Malaysia, particularly in the streets of Kuala Lumpur (KL). Sloppy, greasy and utterly delicious, your street eats adventure in KL  would not be quite complete without giving  this a try before getting the KELUAR (departed) stamp on your passport.

Created by Ramly Moknin, Ramly Burger started out in 1979 as a small family business operating from a mobile kiosk in Kuala Lumpur. The family recipe soon became a hit among Malaysians and the rest of the story is history….

These days, Ramly burgers not only can be bought from Ramly burger carts in Malaysia, but you can also get the frozen patties over at supermarkets too.

When Babe in the City invited me to participate in this year’s Merdeka Open House – Makan Through Malaysia, i didn’t need to mull long to decide what to cook. So why this dish?

Apart from wanting to try whipping this up for the longest time for my loved ones, particularly Darcy, who refuses to try this burger from Ramly burger carts, there’s a little story behind my accidental love for this burger. :)

Before i met my first puppy love, i was not big on this burger to be honest. I hardly eat it at all. It was through him, let’s call him L, i was introduced to the world of Ramly Burger. Burger ayam, burger lembu, Ramly burger special… without fail, L will insist on having his fill for the week every Friday date night when he sends me home, after our very first burger adventure together on one fateful hungry night.

For the first few months, it was always me who did the ordering because being in an overseas boarding school  since very young, L cannot speak Malay. Because he was so greedy, he would insist me on ordering 2 burgers at one go, satu ayam, satu lembu, even though i sternly told him not to. You see, it wasn’t because i was a bad girlfriend or something, it was more like i felt obligated to eat my share too, hungry or not, because L can never finish both burgers and i don’t even like ketchup!

Aaahh, silly little girls… Yes, that’s right. Silly little girl me then!
(errm, though i’m no longer a little girl, i’m still as silly– always vacuuming up unfinished food by others!)

Needless to say, not too long after that, it was not L who will impatiently open up those wrapped burgers. :)

When i decided to whip this up in my very own kitchen 13 years later for Darcy and the little ones, truffle fries are a must. To wash down all the grease, the helper suggested beer for the adults (actually, it was more for herself! grin) and freshly squeezed orange juice for the boys.

Ramly Burger

Homemade beef patties :

500g minced beef
120g fresh breadcrumbs
1 large egg
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp black pepper

1. Combine all the ingredients in a large bowl.
2. Divide into 8-10 portions and roll into balls.
3. Set aside.

(adapted from food & travel)

Burger Bun :

1 1/4 cup milk
1 cup cream
1/4 cup warm water
1/4 oz yeast
1/4 cup sugar
5 cups bread flour
2 tsp salt

sesame seeds, for sprinkling


To make dough, using a stand mixer :

1. Bring milk and cream to a bare simmer in a small saucepan over medium heat. Cool mixture to lukewarm.

2. Add warm milk mixture, sugar, flour, and salt to yeast and warm water and mix at low speed, scraping down side of bowl as necessary, until flour is incorporated. Increase speed to medium and beat 6 minutes. (Dough will be sticky.)

Transfer dough to a lightly oiled large bowl and turn to coat with oil. Cover with a kitchen towel (not terry cloth) and let rise in a draft-free place at warm room temperature until doubled, about 2 hours.

To make hamburger buns :

1. Butter 2 large baking sheets. Punch down dough, then divide dough into 10-12 pieces. Shape these dough into a ball and press them down a little use fingers before arranging them 3 inches apart on baking sheets.

2. Loosely cover buns with oiled plastic wrap or cloth and let rise at warm room temperature until they doubled in size, 45-60 minutes later.

3. Preheat oven to 375°F.

4. Brush buns with some of water and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake until tops are golden and undersides are golden-brown and sound hollow when tapped, 20 to 25 minutes. Transfer to racks to cool completely.

(adapted from Epicurious’ Homemade burger buns)

To assemble :

(serves 2)

2 homemade patties
2 homemade burger buns, each split into half
2 eggs, beaten separately
2 leaves butterhead lettuce
4 slices cucumber
chili sauce or ketchup
2 slices of emmantel cheese, optional


1. Heat up frying pan over medium heat. Place a beef ball in the pan and press down with your frying slice so that you get a disc about 1 cm thick and roughly 6cm across. Cook for 2 minutes on each side, or according to preference for doneness. Remove.

2. Using the same pan, lower the heat and lightly toast the buns that have been slathered generously with butter for 1 minute. Remove.

3. In a clean wide pan, heat up a little oil and pour over the beaten egg. Tip the pan so that the egg omelette spreads evenly and is large enough for you to wrap the patty in. When the omelette is set, place one patty in the center and using a spoon and chopsticks, fold up the omelette on 4 sides so that you get a neat, squarish package. Repeat with other egg.

4. Place an omelette-wrapped patty on one half of the toasted bun and top with lettuce, cucumber and tomato. Squirt on mayonnaise and chili sauce/ketchup. Cover up with the other half of the bun.

5. Bon appétit!


If you are teeny weeny bit (yeah right!) lazy like me, you can forgo the whole omelette, squarish package idea, because it’s really not easy to wrap the patty up. We like our food piping hot, so i did the whole wrapping thingie in the burning pan itself.

Ramly special or not, so long you get the basic burger formula right, your burger will kick ass!

Ramly burger basic formula : soft buns – toasted with butter in  pan, moist and juicy meat patty, crunchy vegetables and tomatoes + generous squirts of rich, thick mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce.

Behind the scene after photographing – boy1 & helper helping themselves right there and then. Too messy and bothersome to transport those burgers to the kitchen again.

Yup, no special photography equipments for always-pressed-for-time-me. It’s just me, the camera, me and the camera. 5-10 minutes is all i can afford, including styling. You have no idea how much i envy those of you who have the luxury of time to do proper set ups, styling, test shots, etc. Nevertheless, i’m still thankful for that short time frame which i can afford, even if it’s just 10 minutes long. :)


I’m submitting this to Muhibbah Monday too, hosted by Suresh of 3hungrytummies.

  32 Responses to “Ramly burger satu!”

  1. When it comes to a nice juicy homemade burger, I wouldn’t waste time styling and propping myself. A good burger makes a good photo, just like the one you took! Love the homemade buns as well.

  2. oh.. to make it more ‘Ramly’, you got to cut the patty into two while cooking the patty. like how the Ramly cart folks do it! hehe…

    so one patty will have 4 sides of crispy sides! yummmmm

  3. OK so how is it that I’ve been to KL at least 5 times and I’ve never come across this burger? If I send you an empty post pack & a few $ can you send me one of these?

  4. even if you say that you do not have time to set up every thing, you still produce great shots. And I’m not just saying this, I truthfully admire your shots.

    Alot goes behind the scenes for some photographers, especially like us who cook our own subjects. after slaving away at the stove, picking up the camera and setting up everything can be awfully tiring!

    yet again kudos to the get post/photos!

  5. good old days…
    This is definitely nicer than the cart-man Ramly Burger… :D
    I pun nak satu juga ;P

  6. I have been wanting to make my own burgers too (bun included!) How did this burger bun turn out? I happen to have an open pack of cream in the fridge from the weekend!

  7. pickyin : i almost didn’t post this up actually… Left see, right see, also cannot see mana delicious-nya.. to me that is but heck it lah. hahahaaa!

    k-man : do they do that now? It has been 13 years since i last had mine! HEHEHE! but yes, come to ‘imagine’ it, 4 crispy sides idea seems more appealing.. will do just that next time. :)

    john : NEVER? man.. you so need to try this. when u come to Sg next year, i gotta bring u to one of the pasar malam (night market) here. they sell it in Singapore too, ever since the ban has been lifted. courier this over? *grin* we might not be as lucky as previous attempt!

    jacob : awww.. you just made ma day, Jacob.. :D

    lisa : satu cukup yeah? *eyes suspiciously at Lisa* muaahahahahaaaa!

    mrs ergul : i love the buns! might not be waistline friendly, but the buns rawwkk. i dislike super soft and airy burger buns eg, carl’s jr, so this one is excellent for me. soft but not too soft. not easy to get wet and mushy even with juices and sauces dripping all over.

  8. i love ramly too! yours is the high class version, got tomatoes and truffle oil! how much are u selling for one???

  9. some Worcestershire sauce too! .. oh it looks so delish! berapa satu ? hehe

  10. This doesn’t look like the Ramly Burger I’m used to at all :p More like Ramly Special because the patty is SO MUCH larger in yours and so less charred hehe and there’s more veggies too – my fave stall/cart near my house is meagre with the veggies but gosh I just loved their charred patties. Makes me wanna buy one now!

  11. I haven’t had Ramly burger in ages but i don’t remember the patty being so thick! :P hmm, i might have to make a burger of some kind this weekend as I won’t be able to stop thinking of this for quite some time!! I think your pics are fab so I really wonder what amazing stuff you can come up with should you have time to style it all up!!

  12. oh gosh!!! U have mark my day with homemade bun and patty….drool!!!! Thanks i wan to make this type of bun for my ah boy tooo :p

  13. great post! one stone kill 2 birds sum more ;-)

  14. maureen : for u special price… ;)

    sweesan : i missed out Worcestershire sauce! tak pe la.. next time i add.

    janine : ahem. little children cannot eat charred food.. hehe.. but i love charred food myself!

    peachie : i greedy. hahaha! next time, i must make thinner patties! ermm, sekali u give me more time, i also come up with the same photos. LOL!

    ellena : hope your ah boy will enjoy ah! even without the patty, you can eat it with luncheon meat and egg!

    babe_kl : thanks! since i’m already at it, might as well! hehee!

  15. Wow! None leftover? Would love to have one Rambly Burger right now! I am so hungry!

  16. Ooh your photos made me drool (styling or not!). I haven’t had a Ramly burger in yonks. I didn’t know they can be found at the supermarkets! Going to poke around at the freezer section this weekend ;)

  17. Been there but never had this before? I’ve got to try it, fusion burgers… are the best, aren’t they? Fab bokeh on those photos!

  18. I was a child the last time I had a Ramli burger. Great post!

  19. No styling still with great gorgeous photos ahhhhhh…

    Heard of Ramly and seen Ramly…just have not tasted it before. :O

  20. jeannie : we had a few patties left for next day’s lunch!

    corsage : ahhh, not sure about singapore though, but i definitely saw it in Malaysia’s. :)

    elle : i love all good burgers! hahaaaa.. thanks dear!

    3hungrytummies : a child?! u beat me to it for sure.. hehe. i thought 13 years was long..

    tigerfish : aww, u are too kind! next time when u are back in sg, do go to one of the pasar malam, confirm have ;)

  21. This looks so good!!! I’m going to try it soon! ;)

  22. Wow, that looks great! Something I definitely need to try!!! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Oh my goodness, an omelet wrapped burger, Guinness, and truffle fries!! Thanks for sharing the Ramly Burger. Until I can get to Malaysia myself, I’ve got your recipe. Love the photos.

  24. Can beer actually washes the grease of the burgers?

  25. Great post! Truthfully I never have a Ramly burger. When I go back to M’sia, eating burger is just on my list to eat.

  26. ah to think I have the luxury to eat it here but I am on the other hand tempted to try out your recipe instead! yours look delish!

  27. lady J : please do and remember to add a dash of Worcestershire sauce too if you are!

    margie : thank you! :)

    shirlynn : according to my (alcoholic) helper, yes.

    little corner of mine : thanks! yes, please do.. just that one time is good enough!

    rokh : heheheheeeeee.. i’d say DIY is the way to go.. at least we’ll know what’s in that patty! :P

  28. Wow impressive! Ramly Burger from scratch! Every time my sis comes back to Msia, one of her must-eat is Ramly Burger :)
    Even though no food styling, your photos are amazing.. amateurs like me took ages to get good shots that can be used, prep up dining table..shoot shoot, not nice.. move everything to living room sliding door, setup & shoot shoot shoot.. arrghh not satisfied.. move to balcony, setup & shoot.. haha.. shooting time takes longer than cooking!

  29. wow that looks amazing! and you made the burger BUNS from scratch too you crazy cook! but, yum!

  30. shannon : hahahaaa.. your comment cracked me up! i can so empathize. hey, it happens to me too, u know.. except that i don’t bother moving here and there, just post the ugly photos up! (uh huh, i is got thick thick skin!) :P

    shu han : heeeeee! my craziness won’t last for long.. especially when i’ll be ‘helper-less’ for good in a couple of months’ time. *shudders at the thought*

  31. hahahaha manaa burger aku siall :P

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