As much as i’d love to gush about the fantabulous moist and easy chocolate cake, i couldn’t because personally, i feel that the credit for this cuppie of mine goes to the frosting.

Yup, the highlight for this post is actually the strawberry frosting, not the cake. :)

I came up with the frosting specially for a gf’s birthday because judging from her love for strawberries, i reckon this would be the perfect birthday gift for her and i think it was. Her reactions told me so! Grin. She made me feel as though all my effort (2 days’ worth of effort mind you, including an early Sunday morning madness) was worth it.

It was my first attempt making frosting with fruit puree. Uh huh, the pink colour came from strawberry puree, not artificial food colouring which i don’t quite fancy unless i have no other options. The frosting tasted amazing. I loved how well the strawberry frosting complimented the dark chocolate cake… Best of all, the strawberry flavour was not subtle at all but very strawberrylicious!

Can you say YUMS already? ;)

Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting

Strawberry Frosting

200g butter, softened
70g cream cheese, softened
40g icing sugar
50g strawberry puree


1. Cream butter and sugar together for a minute. Add in cream cheese and beat till creamy and pale.
2. Taste and adjust accordingly.
3. Fold in puree.

Chocolate Cupcake

Option 1

Here :

Option 2, a healthier choice

Here :


Because i didn’t have the permission to publish the friend’s easy but to die for chocolate cake recipe, i have included 2 other options which you can pick from.

Hope you’ll love the frosting as much as my girlfriends and i did. :)

Note : if i were to make the same frosting the next time, i’d puree the fruit from scratch instead of using frozen ones. if you have got eagle eyes, you’ll know why. ;)

14 Responses to “Chocolate Cupcake with Strawberry Frosting”

  1. Looks really pretty!

  2. mycookinghut : thanks babe!

  3. Frozen fruit caused the frosting color to be uneven or… I can’t really tell even with my four eyes.

  4. Looks good! But like Pickyin, I can’t tell the problem too!

  5. pickyin + mrs ergul :

    1. first picture, 9 o’clock = water droplets from perspiration?
    2. adding the cold puree made the frosting curdled = uneven + ugly piping.


  6. I see I see. Is it possible to let the puree sit at room temperature for a while before adding it into the frosting?

  7. My oh my i can only imagine how lovely these taste! Summer in a cupcake :)

  8. I love those frostings. It’s giving me another idea how to feature the best cupcakes.

  9. Passing by through babe_kl. These cupcakes looks soo cute and adorable.. checking out the healthy version! And what a bummer with the frosting!

  10. nice cuppies… :D

  11. Mrs Ergul : i thought of that too.. lemme go try again and update you!

    sasha + tres delicious + lisa : thank you. :)

    daphne : hello there and thanks! pity about the frosting but something new learned for sure. :)

  12. I stopped by because I saw CUPCAKE~

    I’m a strawberry lover, and this is gonna be yummy~ simple ingredients, maybe I should give it a try~ Thanks for the post~

  13. Beautiful cupcakes! Love how the frosting is naturally pink :) chocolate + strawberries, match made in heaven.

  14. roxanne : u should! thanks for stopping by :)

    yuri : thank youuu.. natural colours are the best thing ever aren’t they? *smile*

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