Dec 162011

For a littlest while, i froze and didn’t know which greeting language to use. (yeah, very bo liao ah me)

We were at Sichuan (Putonghua), Tibet (Tibetan), Kathmandu (Nepali) and New Delhi (Hindi), so in the end.. i gave up and figured a simple Hello it was. :)

It was an epic trip this one.

3 whole weeks of travelling – the last time i had 3 weeks of holidays was 10 years ago, during my honeymoon to New Zealand — We went to 4 countries — yup, i still think Tibet as a country on its own — saw the very very adorable panda bears in real life (!), had the bumpiest ride ever (but still couldn’t beat the epic-est YuanYang bus ride in China last year), got myself warded at a Chinese clinic in a 2-streets-sleepy-town in Tibet (had 3 bottles of drips and was made to breath in oxygen for almost 4 hours) and got separated from the new friends and Darcy for a while at the incredibly packed Old Delhi (Chowdni Chowk) where i panicked a tiny bit.

I really can’t wait to write my tales and share my photos!

Unfortunately, the schedule is not looking good this week, especially when the house is undergoing a minor makeover (by me!) and the helper is leaving for good in less than 2 weeks’ time (read : spring cleaning madness).

But for now, a picture of me at super windy Everest Base Camp will do ok? ;)

Will be back blogging real soon!


  13 Responses to “Just a quick hello!”

  1. Ooh I can’t wait to hear your adventures!

  2. Welcome back pal, can’t wait to read more about your adventure trip :)

  3. So you are back finally for christmas. Update soon :)

  4. Thank you all.. :)

    I can’t wait to update my travel posts myself. So much to write about!

  5. I much prefer inomfraitve articles like this to that high brow literature.

  6. Hope to hear more of your travel adventure. Btw did you join a tour or that was a backpacking trip?

  7. LP : Hello! It was a backpacking trip but in Tibet, you’ll need a tour guide to take you around and for permit application etc. a MUST.

  8. I have been ‘grounded’ with 2 young kids for 4 years, so envious to see you travel blog. After not working for a year, I started to have some crazy ideas to backpack again, but feel guilty to leave my family behind. Did you backpack to India too?

  9. LP : I was ‘grounded’ for a couple of years myself too so i can totally understand how you feel. :)

    That guilt will never go away.. u gotta learn how to ignore it otherwise, you can never travel. Yup, we backpacked in India too! Go, plan and do it! It’s good for you, your soul and your family.

  10. My consolation now is by reading travelogue & travel forum : ) Let’s hope I could plan something next year. I have just started on baking, look forward to your future FOC baking demo.

  11. LP : Keeping my fingers crossed re demo! :)

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