As usual, i’ve been meaning to make this dim sum dish for breakfast for the longest time. Alas, i got around to it, after so many months! I swear the lotus leaves in the storeroom had been rolling their eyes leaves at me for making them wait this long. :P

Do you know.. one of my must-eats whenever i go yumcha (Australian slang) is this glutinous dish, apart from Hong Kong cheong fun? It’s really a must order for me. I love glutinous rice like crazy! Bak zhang (rice dumpling), black glutinous rice, glutinous rice nyonya kueh (be it savoury or sweet), Thai sticky rice with mango… you get the drift. ;)

So, after a short research online and a few cookbooks later, i came out with my own version. Well, sorta.

Lor Mai Gai

makes 5-6

For rice

600g glutinous rice, washed, soaked overnight and drained
300g chicken stock
3 tsp sugar
4 tbsp oyster sauce
3 tsp light soya sauce
a pinch of 5 spice powder
a few dashes of white pepper
a dash of sesame oil
5-6 dried lotus leaves, soaked in hot water and wiped dry


200g boneless chicken thigh
70-80g dried Chinese mushroom, soaked to soften, squeezed dry, stemmed and sliced
10-15 slices of lap cheong (chinese sausage), sauteed
chicken stock

Seasoning (to taste)

sesame oil
dark soya sauce


1. Marinate chicken with seasoning the night before and leave it overnight in the fridge.
2. Drain glutinous rice and mix with chicken stock and all other ingredients.
3. Steam rice over medium heat in a lightly greased plate for 15-20 minutes till partially cooked.
4. Meanwhile, prepare filling. Stir fry chicken in hot oil till browned. Add in the mushrooms and finally, chicken stock. Taste and add in seasoning accordingly.

5. Mise en place.

6. Divide rice into 5-6 parts. Place a portion onto a dried lotus leaf. Spread rice out over leaf and place cooked filling in the middle together with 2-3 slices of sauteed Chinese sausage. Wrap up and secure with string. Repeat to make 4-5 more parcels.

7. Steam parcels over high heat for 10 minutes. To serve, cut a cross on top of the parcel to show the cooked rice beneath. Serve immediately.

(adapted from dim sum by Chan Chen Hei)


Personally, i like my rice steamed with quite a bit of the chicken gravy in the final step. It makes the rice so much tastier!

Also, to serve, i enjoy it tremendously with garlic chili sauce or sambal of any kind. It gives the rice an unexpected kick though the rice is already very palatable on its own but you know, being me.. i just can’t resist sambal. I’m a sambal kinda girl lah. Heeeeee!

The best thing about this irresistible rice parcel is that i can make this wayyyy in advance and freeze it. Whenever i forget to prepare breakfast for the family, all i need to do is to get these parcels out, steam it over high heat for 15 minutes and voila! Breakfast’s ready. :D

Seriously, there’s nothing not to love about this dim sum dish. It’s not only fabulous for breakfast, it’s perfect as quick lunch or afternoon snack too, or even as simple dinner. However, do take note that some of us might have problem digesting this rice especially if you were to eat it after 4pm. You may feel bloated for the rest of the night and may have difficulty sleeping thereafter.

Fortunately, i’m not one of those in the ‘some’ group. I can eat this anytime i want and however much i want! :)

now you see, now you don’t!

25 Responses to “Lor Mai Gai (Chicken with Glutinous Rice)”

  1. that is a WoWoW factor!! the ingredients look easy to get and i think i can find lotus leaves in Germany. i love your photography, it makes me want to pick your food from my screen. thank you for sharing your recipe, Sheriemoi x

  2. Oh my you really do know how to get me excited. I’ve had a packet of dried lotus leaves in my cupboard for many months. Time to crack it open methinks. I can almost smell this!

  3. love eating them with garlic chilli as well!!

  4. OMG you are making me SO hungry!! Just as I’m moving to US and don’t know where to get my hands on good lor mai gai……=(

  5. Remember yeah, reserve some for me!!!

  6. OMG!!!! Although i cannot eat glutinous rice but yours sure making me drool over the photos. How i wish i can have 1 parcel now :p

  7. I shall attempt to make this one, one day!

    Yumcha! That’s so aussie!
    We went to Yumcha this recent trip! hehe…

  8. As a true blue Canto, the lor mai gai is one of the few comfort foods I grew up eating and still loving it. Now i’m salivating after looking at your photos.

    Anyway, Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  9. Yummy! I made some not long ago and still have a few left in my freezer :)

  10. Nina : awww.. thank you sweet lady. Your comment always makes my day lahhhhh. :D

    John : HEHEEEEE! Happy Lor Mai Gai-ingggg…

    swee san : methinks it’s a Malaysian thing!

    Pleasure Monger : just another few weeks.. hang in there!

    pickyin : RESERVED!

    Umasou : though i’m not a canto, i grew up eating this and never stopped loving it. *wink* Happy New Year to u and your loved ones!

    ellena : WHY? Why u cannot eat glutinous rice? Indigestion?

    keropokman : one day? Make it tomorrow lah! man, i really miss yumcha at Chinatown and see those live abalone in the tanks.

    mycookinghut : and i think i need make another batch soon! HEH.

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