Feb 252012

What a coincidence!

Just when my oven went into coma (and later, it came alive again. PHEW!), i received this invitation in the mail box for the above launch. How exciting!

Being a mountain tortoise (read : homemaker) for so many years, i’ve never, ever been to any launch parties or gala or whatever in my life. The most formal and dressy event i’ve ever been to was…. errrr, high school prom? *facepalm*facepalm*and*facepalm!* Lol! So yeah, this reason together with my wonky oven excuse, of course i have to go!

When i saw the invite stated “Cocktail Elegance” for the dress code that night, i kinda panicked a teeny bit. Seriously, what the *toot* is that? Cocktail = short dresses. Elegance = dressy short dress? That was my first guess but i ain’t sure. So i turned to Google and good ol Twitter for help and viola, question answered. :)

I was torn between 2 dresses (if i hadn’t pile up those excess kilos, i’d have more choices! Hmph!) but in the end, i went in this.

photo taken while trying the dresses right after whipping up dinner for the boys. didn’t have any proper photos after that due to the very tight schedule! :(

Internationally reputed for their ability to marry innovation and aesthetic appeal, De Dietrich once again sets new milestones with their latest Corium and Premium collections.. Dubbed as “Jewels In The Kitchen”, this French premium appliance brand boast an array of sensuous designs and finishes. Each is enhanced with subtle accents that simply spell WOW. Together with technological advancement, home cooking is now taken into an exciting new level!

From left (clockwise) :

Built In Espresso Machine $4980 – sophisticated system that allows you to create the perfect cuppa at the right temperature. It provides a selection of water and steam temperature settings and adjustable grinding level. While a minimum of 9 bar pump pressure needed for a good espresso, De Dietrich Espresso Machine has a 15 bar pump pressure for rich and intense coffee flavour and aromas.

The Crescendo Updraft Hood, available in Black Pearl, White Pearl and Grey Pearl $2397 – installed directly overhead cabinetry or as a free standing hood mounted the wall in the casing, it moves down towards the hob to effectively remove all odour and fumes. Once tasks completed, it retracts fully back into the cabinetry or its casing. So intelligent lorr!

Le Piano Zoneless Induction Hob $11,880 - this innovation raises the bar in induction cooking with the first industry’s first full zoneless cooking hob. Up to 5 different cooking pots, no matter the size or shape, can be cooked on any part of the hob! What can i say? I WANT THIS HOB!!

Steam oven, available in black or platinum $3480 – apart from steaming, reheating, rehydrating, defrosting, blanching, the Steam oven keeps your food warm up to 1 hour after end of cooking. Equipped with 2 tier steaming tray, you can now prepare different healthy cuisines at the same time!

De Dietrich is treasured by some of the best chefs around the world. In Singapore alone, we have Asia Chef-Ambassador Chef André Chiang and Chef Pang, just to name a few.

Together with Marilyn Tan, De Dietrich 2012 Collection Launch also showcased models wearing beautiful pearl accessories.

Pity i didn’t manage to take any good shots of the White Pearl ovens which simply got my mouth hanging open for a while. Heeee! So gorgeous those ovens.

Sigh.. I want one!

For more information and retail availability, do contact :

La Galerie De Dietrich

The Cendex @ 120 Lower Delta Rd #01-04, Tel : 65084600

Showroom Opening Hours :

Mon – Fri : 10.30am – 7pm
Sat : 10.30am – 6pm



Thank you FoodNews for this fun De Dietrich Collection Launch invite!