Feb 262012

Bet the subject doesn’t make any sense to you at all.

I mean, seriously.. what has a screwdriver gotta do with pineapple?

Well, i can never link these 2 together until one fateful night.. as i hopped into the kitchen merrily to see Darcy as the helpful one helped cut up the ripe pineapple, a job which the helper used to monopoly.

When i first saw what Darcy was doing, i unconsciously let out a very loud OMG and burst into laughter. The screwdriver was stuck right in the middle of the pineapple as Darcy held it up to cut away the fruit’s eyes!!

After finished laughing, i quickly ran to the living room for my phone, hoping that i could still snap a photo, just to remember and poke fun at in the future. Unfortunately, this was all i could manage..

A big healthy looking pineapple reduced to this stage.. AIYOH! HAhahaaa!

The remnants of the poor pineapple…

Looking at these slices of pineapple, Darcy sighed, I don’t think i wanna eat these at all. And i don’t blame him, not even one tiny bit, because i didn’t wanna eat them either. :P

This piece was like.. 1/3 of the normal slice that the helper cut?

Needless to say, the pineapple cutting task is now mine…

DAMN – i shouldn’t have laughed eh? :P