Feb 282012

Scene 1

Over at the in law’s place..

Boy2 : Mom, can we go home by 7pm? There’s UP (the animation) tonight on Channel 5 at 7.30pm!
Me : Sure. I love UP too!


Scene 2

Home @ 7.25pm after i had unpacked truckloads of grocery and decided to mince the huge piece of pork since it was still fresh (not frozen), boy1 hopped in..

Boy1 : Mom, can i have a packet of Cheezels please?
Me : Aaahh, thought you came in to offer some help seeing how busy i was…

(silence, for at least 10 seconds)

Boy1 : Mom, can you ermm, answer my question please?
Me : Oh my, you totally ignored me! Instead of offering your help, you asked me to answer your question?!?

(boy1 sighed and walked out, grumbling out loud upon reaching the living room)


Scene 3

Home at 7.28pm, when all 3 boys decided to pay the loo a visit before the show starts…

After completing his business, boy2 looked at my direction and saw what i was doing – cutting the meat into small cubes..

Boy2 : Do you need my help mom?
Me : *hesitated, knowing how much he wanted to watch the show* Sure!
(if i were to reject his offer, he might never offer again, thinking it’s my job after all, plus, mom might reject, again)

With a heavy heart, i showed him what to do.. By then, the show had started. He looked up from where he was seated and to his surprise, his view wasn’t blocked. However, never once he ignored me when i was teaching him.. Once a while when the other 2 boys laughed out loud, he would look up and laugh along too, before shifting his attention to the pork once more.

At that point of time, i nearly teared.

I was half expecting him to ask me to excuse him since the show had already started but he didn’t. Not only he didn’t try to escape from his task, he also did not complain one bit or sigh out loud regretting his offer. So unbelievable this boy..

Me : Di, why did offer to help mama even though your show was about to start?
Boy2 : So that you can finish faster and we can watch together since you also love the show..

WAHH… i nearly broke into tears when he answered. Words simply cannot express how i was feeling then i tell you.. i was stunt. Speechless. I wanted to drop the knife and just hug him and cry. So easy to love him. I have said this before and i will say this again – Sometimes, i do wonder what have i done to deserve him. Boy2, he’s full of surprises. At times bad surprises, but most times, he’s simply really quite wonderful.

Those who are not close to him will never see this lovely side of him. To his grandfather, boy2 is always the cheeky and mischievous one who eats really slow and always causes problems (which isn’t true at all). To me, Darcy and my own family, he’s just different. Extremely observant and forever curious. My family loves him to bits, (especially after our Korea trip together) and thinks rather fondly & highly of him. :)


Scene 4

2-3 minutes later, beep came in, after hearing the chopping sound – he finally realized! Heh.

Beep : Can i help too, mama?
Me : Of course!

10 minutes later..

All 4 of us (3 boys & i, the husband was at work) on the sofa, watching UP together, happily. But can you guess who was the happiest among all? ;)


A mere 15 minutes of sacrifice (telly watching time) for boy2, a lifetime of sweet and happy memory for me…

Boy2 rocks.

Boy2 at work.. and beep was seated on his right but not in the picture