Apr 042012

We were at Song Of India, sitting down with Chef Sovani discussing about yogurt when i first learned that we can actually make yogurt at home without needing any special container or yogurt maker. I was all inspired then because yogurt is one of my must have in the fridge at home. But after a few attempts, my texture was still undesirable. Instead of creamy texture, i got yogurt drink texture. Disappointed, i gave up.

Fast forward few months later, before i could click the “BUY” button on Amazon for a yogurt maker, the new friends whom i just met can’t help but to laugh straight in my face when i told them my few attempts with making yogurt at home. I don’t blame them really, because i can be quite comical, to even child-like, depending on the companion(s) i’m with, when it comes to expressing myself. Heh. But what a good trade off man.. They got to laugh at me and in exchange, i got precious yogurt making tips from the one and only Mr ErgulThank you Daniel!

After months of making yogurt, i finally nailed it, or rather, Darcy finally nailed it. Yup, you read right. The man got interested and did some reading on his own after seeing how inconsistent my yogurt texture was. One day, it’s thick and creamy. Another day, it’s watery. But now, the result is always, always thick and creamy, really like Greek Yogurt that you buy from the store. ;)

There are many ways you to eat plain yogurt.

1. Eat it with granola/muesli/cereal.
2. Eat it with honey.
3. Eat it with honey + your favourite fruit.
4. Eat it with any fruit coulis (posted on Instagram)
5. Eat it with any fruit compote (posted on Instagram)

So on and so forth.

Homemade Yogurt

1 litre fresh milk
3 tbsp of store bought plain yogurt with live cultures (as a starter)


1. Boil the fresh milk in a heavy bottom pot and constantly stirring it to avoid burnt bottom. Once it reaches 100C, lower the heat and let it simmer for another 15-30 mins. The longer you boil, the thicker and creamier it will be. We usually settle for 30 minutes.
2. Once the milk temperature hits 40C, stir in the 3 tbsp of yogurt till well combined.
3. Transfer the milk to a container and leave it for 7-8 hours at the warmest area in your house (optional) or just leave anywhere in the room temperature.
4. 8 hours later, voila! Refrigerate immediately. The yogurt will be ready for consumption 4 hours later.

ps : we Darcy also dabbled with double boil method which works perfectly as well. This method is definitely idiot proof. ;)


So, why make when you can buy?

Because homemade yogurt is friggin delicious tasting. It’s so so creamy and smooth, nothing like store bought ones. Sounds like store bought ones yeah? But it’s not. You just need to eat it to believe it. It’s really different. Very very different. I’m such a yogurt snob now that i can no longer eat the store bought ones anymore. Homemade ones all the way! :P


Just look at the ingredients. Mine here and the store bought ones. That’s a good enough reason why you should start making your own yogurt today! Oh, and it’s environmental friendly. No packaging waste. *wink*

These days, Darcy is our destined yogurt maker at home because of his magic fingers – uh huh, no longer me. We even get super delicious honey flavoured yogurt because he never stops pushing the limits. Lucky us eh? :)

  21 Responses to “Making yogurt at home! (Easy Peasy Homemade yogurt)”

  1. Yep, it’s delicious, I have made my own before so I know:)

  2. Now I’ve been waiting for this post! Mr Ergül is the designated yogurt maker in our household too! This reminds me i have to make some smoothie with the yogurt!

  3. Aloha maameemoomoo^^ i heart this name! so cute!! actually i found your website when i was doing some random surfing and i’m so addicted to it that i actually finished reading all you entry within one week!! There were quite a few times i burst out laughing when i was reading your entry and it really enlightened my day. Okay..is abit over but i really enjoy reading your blog and i did try out one of your recipe~ Orh Nee Cheesecake and i failed miserably TT.TT i has no idea what went wrong..could it be i replaced the creamcheese to block type instead of the spreadable one?? or isit because i being busy body to put a water tray below my cake causing it to take longer time to bake which i didnt do so?? Anyway i guess there is no hope for me to “revive” my orh nee cheesecake T.T. Err i think i’m super long winded =p actually my purpose of this comment is to ask from you the recipe of lemon moments~~ i wanted to try out this cookies and give it to my colleagues when my internship end in one week time. Is okay for you to post the recipe on your blog?? Thank you very much^^ oh~one more thing three of your son are so adorable!!! Do pardon my long winded coment >.<

  4. Yum… I love yoghurt but never tried making some.. !!

  5. Jeannie : *smile* but somehow, i prefer mine lava-like.. though the husband likes it greek-like.

    mrsergul : heheeee.. the men are best at it! (for yogurt that is :P)

    mycookinghut : u should babe, u so should!

  6. Hello Huimin!

    Awwww.. u’re a such a sweetie! If i get comments like this everyday, i’ll definitely be blogging everyday already. HAHA!

    Oh dear, the orh nee cheesecake didn’t work for you? Yes, you cannot replace the block type with spreadable ones. Will not work dearie.. Putting a tray of water below the cake is good. You will not get cracks and the cake will be more moist too. You try again ok? This time, use Phili Cream cheese ok?

    Please. I like long winded comments okayyyyy.. bring it on! ^^

    Recipe for Lemon Moments updated! http://www.maameemoomoo.com/blog/2008/12/22/lemon-moments/

    Sorry i took so long to reply. I’ve not been too well.. :(

    Have fun baking and hope you’ll go gaga over the cookies as much as i did!


  7. hey cherie, it is normal there it formed a layer on the surface while boiling the milk? should i remove those while stirring?

  8. chel : while boiling? i’ve not encountered that but while leaving it to cool, yes. and yes, remove that while stirring. you won’t want that in your end result.

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  10. Hi, just curious, can I use skim milk or must I use full cream milk to make the yoghurt? Would love to try! Because we can buy low-fat/fat-free yoghurt from stores and I wonder how they do it. :)

  11. Hey! How to check whether the milk temperature hits 40 deg? :)

  12. Siying : if u can have your pinky in the milk and count to 10, then it’s the right time to add the yogurt in. ;)

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