Jun 092012

* Quickie with iPhone

Saw this quote online and I really like it…


And, Metscard will be in used till end of this year. After that, it’s the new Mykii card all the way. I’ll miss buying my tickets on the tram. :(



We started our day with hanging out at Lygon St, which used to be our ‘playground’. I’m really a sentimental person so if you must, please excuse me and my nonsense. :p


College Square, where we used to stay 12 years ago. *happy sigh* Some of the best months in my life were spent here. :))


First stop : Koko Black @ Lygon St.

One of the few places in Melbourne that is well known for its hot chocolate and truffles. Hot chocolate ; methinks that there’s coconut milk in there! Really. That ‘santan’ taste, is definitely not subtle but I could be wrong of course. It’s rich and creamy no doubt but not my cuppa hot choc. Heh. But the flourless chocolate cake was omg. So light, fluffy and rich! We finished that within a minute can u imagine? Greedy goose us. Haha!


Because of my silly boo boo, we had to drop by Melbourne Central to settle some stuff. Since we were there, I thought why not check out the Cupcake Central too?

I had (cos the boy wasn’t even a tiny bit interested) Vanilla, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Malt Milkshake. The cake was good, fluffy and not too sweet but the frosting, was another story altogether. It was wayyyyyy too sweet for me. When I told the gf about it, she recommended Cupcake Family which was supposed to be stingier with their sugar, opened by Indonesian.


Next stop : Brunetti @ Lygon St.

Met up with Pick Yin and partner here for coffee. Initially, we weren’t in the mood for any cakes but since we were already here at Brunetti, might as well. Haha. (tell me, how not to grow sideways right?!) Perhaps we didn’t order the right cake or pastry but we both came to a conclusion, Brunetti is overrated, in our humble opinion.

At about 6ish, it was time for dinner. I was looking forward to it since the date was planned. We were meeting up with Anh, from A Food Lover’s Journal whom I’ve been reading since 2007! And of course, the fact that we would be having Pho Bo for dinner also played a part. Grin. It’s been 2 years since I had it.

Dinner at Pho Dzung – Russell St, was great! We had so much to talk, laugh and cringe (dog meat in Hanoi) about. *smile* Anh was lovely in person. It’s a pity that I will not be able to join the girls on Sunday. I’m sure they will have a blast!


Because the night was still young (it was barely 8pm!), we decided to skip down to Lygon St again to have gelato. Yeah, are we mad or what right? Gelato in the middle of the winter night?!?! Lol! But it was great! It wasn’t so much about the ice cream, it was more for walking down the street and hanging out with the friends for a little longer. Gelato is so secondary!

And apparently we weren’t the only crazy ones having gelato at this time of the year, I mean, check out the queue man. Il Dolce Freddo is definitely something because I didn’t see any line formed at other gelato shops.

Looking back, Day 4 is no doubt ‘Sugar Day’, fueled by sugar, almost, and as sweet too!

  4 Responses to “Melbourne — Day 4”

  1. I love the gelato at Il Dolce Freddo, especially the Rocher flavour!

  2. We should do this again. Meet somewhere while on vacation. Will not waste time at Brunetti’s again next year, but this time had to return just for old time’s sake. Sunday was epic. Now if only I can move my a** to blog about it…

  3. erica : i tried that. the friend ordered it! :)

    pickyin : YEAH! the trip won’t be as fun without u guys there albeit a short one. XX That’s it, VDM is definitely a must when i’m going again!

  4. Really enjoyed this post.Much thanks again. Really Great.

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