Aug 212012

On the way home from school, cycling..

Boy1 : i’ve got gay friends, mom.
Me : really?!?! do you know what’s the meaning of gay?
Boy1 : yes. it means that a male behaving like a girl and talk like a girl.
Me : hmmmm.. i see. then, what’s a tomboy?
Boy1 : you.


What happens to innocent and adorable 10 years old these days?! Later, I found out that F word is a commonly used word in school and amongst school friends. Hmm.. at 10, my worst words ever used then was ‘sei pat po’. Children really do ‘grow up’ pretty fast these days. Too fast for my liking but unfortunately, that’s how they roll these days.

  5 Responses to “Between him and i”

  1. i think i’ll be included too….hahaha…..even stephen said tat i should be born as a man!

  2. haha, you gotta show him what tomboy really means

  3. elsie : ahem. Ben said the same thing!

    Umasou : Hahaha.. because u don’t know me laaa!

  4. hahaha.. your kid so CUTE..

  5. Do you know how I avoid duplicate iCal alerts? (Apple support does not, so far…) I think b/c of iCloud calendar sharing among my husband and i, I am getting two alerts for every event on the iMac and on the iPhone. anything is up to date and i use a new MacBook Pro and the new iPhone 4s.

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