Nov 182012

The subject says it all. :)

We had so much fun!

First, it was the ice slide at Sentosa’s 40th birthday bash…

Though the slide wasn’t as smooth as expected, the boys didn’t seem to mind at all. It was their first ice slide!!

After the birthday bash, we proceeded to Sentosa’s Port of Lost Wonder, which was just next to where we were. The boys’ practically went bonkers. Grin. Yeah, this mommy doesn’t bring them out to man-made places that much. Terrible isn’t she? Hurhur.

Truth be told, i wasn’t keen to join the boys, not under the scorching sun especially. But after boy2 gave me his ultimatum, i had no choice but to strut my stuff amongst the daddies and mommies. HAHA!

Luckily, i went prepared – brought my swimming costume!

Being a mother of 3 boys, there’s certain invisible ‘guideline’ to my dressing.

For this outing of ours, beegeenee is definitely a no-no. Heck, i don’t even wear beegeenee to begin with(!) , though i do own quite a number of sets. :P

When i first laid my eyes on this retro-looking swimwear a couple of months ago in Melbourne, i knew i had to get it. I totally adore the cutting.. and i love how well the piece could holds its shape, in case of ‘tie-came-loose’ accidents. I do a lot of piggybacks in the water with the boys you see.. so, yeah.. best kinda swimsuit for me.

Best of all? It was on sale! Woot!

Before i got dragged into the water by the sulky boy2, i was totally chilling out there on the dry side by myself.

But you know what?

I was pretty glad that the boy forced me in, because, believe or not, it turned out rather enjoyable! The boys held my hands wherever i went. I was like their.. ahem, princess or queen if you must (i rather princess still. LOL!) Showing me this and that and we went on the scary slides for some nth time! I screamed of course and they laughed their heads off.. It was really fun lah. So mommies, if you’re anything like me, lazy + hate scorching hot sun + dislike getting wet (laps in the pool excluded), get off your bumbum please. Take my word for it.. and you’ll be rewarded with abundance of laughter and wonderful memory. ;)

Just before we left, i noticed this particular daddy and i couldn’t resist snapping a photo of him with his children and children’s mates. They were hilarious. What an amusing, delightful, pleasurable sight to behold.

The dad was out of this world sporty! The kids, they were all over him, laughing, shouting… So heartwarming. :)

After POLW, we went on the explore a tiny bit nearby.

On the way back..

.. story telling time!

Meanwhile, look!

It’s Gia Gia and Jiak Jiak. Lol!

On the news, “Two “pandas” were spotted on Sentosa last week! Much to the delight of guests, the pandas were seen boarding the Sentosa Express and the beach tram. They also visited Palawan Beach for a picnic, Koufu Food Court for local desserts and Rasa Spa at Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort for a relaxing bamboo massage”.

Thank you, Sentosa Island for the memorable Saturday!

  4 Responses to “A fun fun Saturday at Sentosa’s Port of Lost Wonder”

  1. Hey there! It’s great to have singapore recipe blogs like yours so that the ingredients will be more accessible! Nice photos you have there :)
    Btw nice swimsuit you got there! May I know where did you get it? :)

  2. Rebekah : Thank you! :)

    I got the swimsuit from Seafolly. Pop by to see if there are any similar ones? All the best!

  3. Rachel, Thats great that you get to spend that time with your girls! Ive heard to homeschool in PA you have to have an acautl teaching degree. A good friend of mine (who had her degree) was a homeschooling mama :) We are trying to squeeze in all that we can these last few weeks!

  4. Good capturing emotions in these!

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