Nov 212012

Ho ho ho!!!

It’s that time of the year again, my favourite time of the year. :)

Months ago, the gfs asked if i’d be doing granola gift packs for Christmas.. because they’d love to order from me — makes their life much easier you see. Need not to brainstorm what to buy for colleagues and friends! Hurhurhur. And i thought, Why not?

Thanks to another nice friend, the idea of Rocky Road Granola was hatched. Woot! I’ve always wanted to attempt granola with chocolate because of some customers’ feedback. Now, i don’t only have Chocolate Granola, but i’ve got chocolate + marshmallow granola!

After a couple of hours having my thinking cap on and another few more in the kitchen, may i present you..

Maameemoomoo’s Rocky Road Granola!

The granola is made with generous amount of Valrhona Cacao and a couple of dashes of my very, very precious 2 year old homemade vanilla extract, made with only the best – fresh and plump vanilla beans which i managed to secure from Madagascar itself just 2 weeks after it was harvested! (i used Grey Goose vodka by the way *wink*)

The result?

Crisp, chocolatey granola.

(can i say healthy too? because it is! i experimented with just 3 tbsp of olive oil and tiny bit of honey so, it’s really unbelievable healthy (!!) — your waistline will thank you for this, especially during this particular festive season! The thing is, whenever one mentions, healthy food.. it’s usually associated with yucky food. sigh. but can i assure you, that this one here is so not (yucky)?)

If you like dark chocolate, you will LOVE this. It’s not sweet, slightly bitter due to the Dutch cocoa used (think dark chocolate!). The sweetness comes in white fluffy form (read : marshmallows!) and more chocolate –> 46% milk chocolate sticks. Of course, if you’re anything like one of my testers who has got ultra sweet tooth, you’ll want to add 1/2 tsp of honey into your milk or yogurt. Otherwise, if you’re like my boys and i, we love it the way it is. ;)

What i like most about it?

The chocolatey milk i get there after. BEST!

RRG X’mas Gift Pack

Size : Small
Price : $8.80
Min order : 2

First bake : 8th December 2012
Last bake : 22nd December 2012
Last collection : 23rd December 2012

What to expect for the packaging : You’ll be in for lovely surprise! (gotta trust me on this *wink*)

To order

1. email me ~
2. text me

To avoid disappointment, please email me as soon as you have worked out your to-give-list as i have limited days to bake during the 2 weeks, best by 8th December. Thank you for your kind understanding!

Pick up points

1. Yew Tee Mrt
2. Hillview / Hume Ave area
3. Little India on Sunday
4. Town area on weekends
5. Contact me

For orders above $120, there will be complimentary delivery to one location.

* 10% of the profit goes to Club Rainbow Singapore. :)


You won’t wanna miss this one here. ;)

(but if you do, there’s always Beep who’ll happily devour whatever that’s left behind… That boy, he’s gotta be my biggest RRG fan! HAHA!)

Thank you!



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