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That’s right!

Maameemoomoo is gonna have a booth at Great Eastern Foyer - 1, Pickering Street, #01-01 tomorrow from 11am to 5pm, or till stocks run out. So if you’ve been wanting to try Maameemoomoo’s granola, tomorrow is the day!

Melicacy and i will be there giving out free samples for tasting. Stocks are limited so, come on down as early as possible to say HI! :)

See ya!!


ps. 10% of the profit will be donated to Club Rainbow, as usual *smiles*

pps. on Friday (1st Feb 2013), we’ll be at OCBC HQ — 65, Chulia St #50-00 but it will be close to public (only for OCBC staff)


I blame the lack of CNY props. Haha!

Anyway, Maameemoomoo CNY Special is up for grab now! I’ve got just 6 sets available so, if you are interested, EMAIL ME NOW!

Mod CNY Healthier Hamper $68

. 3 x Try First Granola with Golden Nugget (not seen in the picture)
. 1 x Signature Granola in Cookie
. 1 x Chocolate Granola in Chocolate Cookie
. 1 x Orange Lemon Yogurt Loaf Cake with Cranberry and Grand Marnier


Why Granola in Cookie?

For the extra fiber and less guilty indulgence! Only brown sugar is used and if you know me, i’m really stingy with my sugar. *wink!*

Pssttt : it’s super good (and addictive!) i tell ya.. the boys, including the husband and my pt helper went berserk! needless to say, so did i.. Had to almost skip my lunch one afternoon because i overdosed on them. Hehehe!

photos taken with phone

Why Orange and Lemon Yogurt Cake?

Friendlier to the waistline but still delishhhh! Something different to serve your guests for sure and the health conscious ones will thank you for it. ;)

HUH? Granola in CNY Hamper?

Why not? :)

Kick start your day with low GI food! Keeps you full for a longer time so that you won’t ‘anyhow‘ eat. Hurhurhur. :P

photo taken by phone

CNY recipe using Maameemoomoo’s granola will be up next! Stay tuned! *excited*

But, why just 6 sets?

Because i cannot cope. The cookies, aren’t ideal to sell due to the ginormous effort needed – I have to bake the granola first, cool and all before i can bake the cookies. The effort is doubled but it’s worth it (too yummy!!), which is why i decided to go ahead and put this up for sale but only in small quantity. And then, the cake, which again, isn’t exactly worth selling if you don’t have a giant oven. Friends do ask, “Are you making any profit at all?!?!”. The truth is, i don’t know. MUaahahahahaa! I really don’t because i don’t calculate and factor in this and that. Like the (baby) sister scolded, “Aiyo! How can?! You ah, anyhow!“.

I’m really doing this just for passion.

And keeping the creative juices flowing. It’s fun! ;)
(yeah, i’m mad like that. HEHE!)


Please please take note that what you’ll get is not what you see right here.


Because the real thang will be improvised much and it will be better looking! That, i can promise you. As i worked on the hamper, ideas flowed and noted but it was too late to make any changes unfortunately.

The whole feel of the hamper will be MOD CNY but stilll CNY-ish. I’m really quite Cheena like that. You can not take the Cheena me outtaaa meeee… Heh. In short, it will be tough for you not to love it. ;)

So, email me NOW! –

Have a wonderful week, everyone!


** Complimentary delivery will be available for 2 hampers and above.

* Maameemoomoo only uses French butter and her homemade yogurt.

#Order closed!

What!? No proper “Happy New Year” and all? How rude of me! :P

Hope everyone is having a great start this year. I know i am.. Got a feeling this year will be better than last! *wink*

So, barbeque.

I’ve been to countless of them to be honest but to organize one? This gotta be my first. Kinda intimidating even though it was just for the family. Psssttt : i’ve got fussy father who loves nothing but steamed fish and stir fry vegetables! Thankfully, he also has a soft spot for beef, when it’s executed perfectly. I started marinating the beef the night before. I didn’t exactly refer to any recipes, everything was done based on agaration. Aiyo, I’m such a risk taker hor!

What went into beef : salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, smoked paprika and a teeny weeny bit of cumin. It was GOOD!

I always thought starting a fire was easy peasy. BOY, was i wrong or was i wrong!

It took the men a hellavu effort to start the fire. We were lucky because the father was there to help out otherwise we might just end up chewing on the RAW steaks. HAHA!

What’s on the plate :

Grilled steaks, apple and walnut salad, chips, sausages, grilled shrooms..

And then, we also have clams in white wine, grilled prawns and squid, marinated with just salt and pepper.

The men needed some carbohydrate in their meal so, a few servings of sweet potato is a must. Not too shabby for a first time organizer eh? ;)


How did my steaks fare?


Medium rare.


Of course, for the kiddos.. BBQ equates to marshmallowwwwwwwwww! They didn’t know that of course but as their wonderful mommy *coughs*, i just wanted to indulge them a little. They were so excited and happy!

It was a fun night alright. :)

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