Jan 222013

Huat ahhhhh!

One blink and it’s Lunar New Year, again.

Truth be told, i actually went for this tasting before Christmas last year. Hohoho.. The feeling was rather strange. There we were, Lo Hei-ing while looking out at the Christmassy Orchard Road. You say lah.. weird or not? Definitely my first. Heh!

This year, Executive Chinese Chef Sunny Kong upped his ante and look!

Lo Hei with crispy fish skin!

Shredded dried Roselle!

Something different eh? :)

The Prosperity Roselle Salmon Yu Sheng, served with traditional plum sauce, virgin olive oil and spring onion oil, is also available for take-away ($68+ for 2-4 person, $108+ for 8-10 persons) with optional top-ups such as Salmon ($18+ per portion), Lobster ($48+ per portion) and Abalone ($68+ per portion).

Next up.. Baby Abalone Fortune Pot. Ooh la la!

Now now, who can say no to this?

I wiped the entire pot out except for the goose web though. Grin. Firstly, i don’t know how to appreciate goose web. Anything to do with feet, i’ll errr, pass. Secondly, i don’t quite know how to eat it? Hurhurhur. Quite a waste i know.. to some, goose web is considered a delicacy?

Baby Abalone Fortune Pot is available for take-away at $368+. The serving is good for 5-8 persons with over 20 treasured delicacies, including Dried Oysters, Baby Abalones, Drunken Chicken Wings and Chinese Sausages. 3 working days is required for processing of orders and is available from 18 January 2013 to 9 February 2013.

Baked sea perch with BBQ sauce.

Crisp skin.. succulent, moist fish.. Yums!

Sea Perch has been appearing on Lunar New Year’s menu quite a bit this year and boy, am i glad or am i glad? :P

Between Sea Perch and Cod, Sea Perch wins hands down!

Stewed Boston Lobster Tail with Lemon Sauce.

Sadly, my lobster was undercooked. So i didn’t quite get to eat it but since i was already full, i left it as it is. However, judging from the friends’ expression, you might wanna give this a try. ;)

Of course, if your lobster happens to end up like mine, complain!

Wok-fried Glutinous Rice with Hong Kong Cured Sausages.

Damn. This one was good. The glutinous rice was stir fried after a hellavu chain of effort — soaking, steaming, washing, drying, frying.. *phew*. With that much of work involved, it had better be good. But really, it was good. If not for the stuffed stomach, i would love to have second serving!

Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Almond Tea.

This is love. Nuff’ said.

Steamed Peanut ‘Nian Gao’ (rice cake).

I’m rather ulu. I never knew we could steam nian gao? *giggles*

You see, i grew up eating fried nian gao my entire life. Steamed nian gao?!? It’s unheard of. So. How do i like this steamed nian gao? Hmm.. Let’s just put it this way. I’m gonna replicate this at home this year. Not just with peanuts but with shaved coconut too! :)

Thank you Ruth and Crystal for the invite!


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