A 30 31 32 year old (uh-huh, 30 31 32! got conned early!) stay-at-home-mom to 3 terrorists (most of the time) or otherwise angels (sometimes).

A lousy blog reader (hey, 3 boys ain’t no easy feat okaaay?) and also a baker, cook, gardener, shopaholic and last but not least, a yoga instructor wannabe.

Obsessed with food, herbs that she grows, travel + adventure & photography.

A perfectionist when it comes to a lot of things especially yummies which she bakes, cooks and styles + photographs – but! only when she has the time and when the little terrorists are not around!

Last but not least, please pardon her English. Most of the time, she doesn’t re-read her posts (careless mistakes in abundance usually). But then again, her grammar and vocabulary aren’t that great to begin with, so, close an eye please? :P


ps : Label SP under Category = self portrait [ she enjoys dressing up too, whenever she is up for it]



* heartfelt thanks to pretty babe Winnie Lim for the equally pretty blog banner! xoxo