Dec 242012

Maameemoomoo has just made her Christmas donation to Club Rainbow.

Because of you, a dream has became a reality. Thank you to all of you who have helped to contribute to this pool of money and more importantly, thank you for believing and trusting in Maameemoomoo!

Together with the 10% from you and an additional personal contribution from Maameemoomoo, the amount donated came up to $300! It may be peanuts to most of you but it sure means ALOT to this homemaker here *sniffs*. Let’s hope this tiny amount is able to bring a little cheer to the little ones at Club Rainbow during this season of giving.

Once again, thank you!

Blessed Christmas, everyone! :)

Oct 032009

Yesterday’s sleep was terrible.

I had nightmare!

I dreamt that 10 minutes before the run started, 3 huge rats came and took my shoes away! By the time a gf bravely retrieved it for me, the left shoe has been nibbled and not wearable anymore.. :(


So silly hor?

So old already still so child-like! Lol :X

Anyway, the day didn’t start off the way i wanted it to be.

1. had quite a hearty breakfast (not my normal standard though :P) at 6.50am. my usual portion of cereal porridge is cereal drink + 2 spoonsful of quick oat = thick consistency of cereal porridge with oat. today : cereal drink + 1 1/2 spoonsful and yet, i still felt the fullness at 8am! i burped of cereal porridge thrice during the run! heh. almost wanted to throw up. running with a full stomach is no fun at all! i rather an empty stomach anytime. next run, i’ll half the portion for sure.

2. late. i reached at 7.45am but by the time the hb parked and walked towards my direction, i was already at the starting point counting down. no picture :(

3. because i didn’t manage to catch up with hb earlier, i ran without any mp3 player! no fast music = less push factor for me. i’m more hyper with good fast music – my motivation and less boring. instead, i ran with my bulky handphone all the way, which was frustrating. i dislike holding on to anything when i run.

4. the heat. i knew i’d be uncomfortable but i didn’t expect it to be that uncomfortable. i was nauseous and breathless. so hot and humid! i cannot stand the heat. plus i am vain. i don’t wanna be tanned! haha. everytime the sun shone at me, i felt like ducking and running off to the trees :X then horrrrr.. right after the run, the sun went into hiding and never came out again -_-

5. the husband missed me at the finishing line!!!! how could he???????? *sobs* must be too many pretty girls distracting him hence i was missed. no photo of me at all near the finishing line or when i was running. the only one photo that i really wanted. so sad! hb asked me to wayang near the finishing line after that just for the photo but i refused. pointless already. wayang isn’t the same! boo-hoo! :(

6. tired. i was still sleepy and got even sleepier and more tired after the run. not a morning person – 6.30am??? *faint* (i know i’m spoilt!) :P. and definitely not one who runs in the morning.

7. toiletttttt.. where art thou???? never to be right on time again – must go for toilet break before starting! i had a full bladder. period.

8. the finishing line was too near by the time i realized that was the finishing line! i only managed to sprint 200m max. i was well prepared for at least 800m to 1km, which i usually do on my last leg of running.

9. last but not least, i’ll never ever run in bottoms that are at knee length or anywhere near there because it’s just so hot! i was weighed down by it definitely. it was a mistake to wear this newly bought pants. i should have worn my shorts. the shorter the better!

Pinkribbonsulking me :P


It was all good.

In the name of charity and exposure. I’m really glad i did it. Boy, you have nooooo idea how pleased i am :D

Pinkribbon1the only photo that is closes to me running, me walking (ha!) – it was after the run, on the phone with the gf who was about to do the walk

Despite the boo boo the husband made – no finishing line pic!, i’m as happy as a clam because hb surprised me yesterday by taking leave today just to accompany me to the run.. *happy dance* :P

As for how i fared… hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… well, i’m not satisfied for sure. I was hoping to finish within 30 minutes but i didn’t. I exceeded by 3 minutes and 7 seconds. For a first timer who only started training last week, i know i must not have too high an expectation. If there’s any consolation at all, it’d be i didn’t exceed 35 minutes! *yes!*

For a while, i thought i would have.. given my never ending problems :P

I is happy girl today!

pinkribbon2no make up! Running does wonders to the face colour.. amore calls it the natural blusher :)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! :)