Oct 052012

I recently snagged these Popsicle makers/molds at Ikea and we’re totally loving it.

Best of all, it’s super duper easy to make!


None actually. Because it’s too easy to make to need a recipe! But! To give you an idea on how to go about (anyhow agar-agar yeah?), just mix in half a cup of ribena with 2 cups of plain yogurt drink or plain yogurt (thicker!), taste, modify, freeze and  4 hours later, viola! Ribena Yogurt Popsicle for 4 persons!

Now, is that easy or what?

OH! Feel free to add in any berries you fancy for more flavours and texture! ;)

Happy Children’s Day!

Dec 092010

I don’t think i can ever ask for more.

It’s healthy, easy to make and yummy!

Excellent for days when i feel peckish and just wanna devour everything ;)

ps : photographing popsicles are no chicken feet man… hahahhaaaaaa!

Strawberry Yogurt Popsicle

500g plain yogurt
150g-200g strawberry puree
sugar syrup, to taste

1. mix everything together and pour into molds.
2. freeze for at least 3 hours.


Seeeeeeee… i’m so not kidding when i say it is easy! ^_^

Aug 202010

Back to Orh Bee post… as promised, recipe!

Black Sticky Rice Dessert
by me!

200g black glutinous rice, washed and soaked
120g palm sugar, more if u like
4-6 screwpine leaves, washed and tied into knots
1.2L water
150-200ml coconut milk

Add everything in except palm sugar. Boil and lower the heat. Cook for at least 2 hours (or longer if prefer) before adding in the palm sugar. Test dessert and if prefer, add more sugar.

Just before serving, stir in coconut milk.

p.s : lazy me prefer to use slow cooker to do the cooking. it makes my lifer much easier, and if anything, tastier too! the only setback is it takes longer than 3 hour >,<


As you can see, i fooled around with the black rice again. This time, i churned out some ice cream using it. Churning pulut hitam ice cream has been on the radar for sometime and this time, i procrastinate no more and took the plunge.

Because of some fatal mistake, the ice cream didn’t turn out the way i expected of course. You see, instead of using just 100g of black glutinous rice, my helper who was helping me, poured the whole 200g into the pot! I didn’t even know until when i was stirring the mixture, when i noticed the dessert came up to almost the same mark in the pot as my test-recipe!

By then, it was too late to turn back… because i already cracked 6 whole yolks into it!

So yeah, the ice cream you see above is not what i had in mind at all… It’s waaay too thick!