Aug 292013


I have came to accept the fact that i am not ready to accept the fact that daddy is not here anymore.

Last month’s today, daddy had cardiac arrest and never woken up ever since. How time flies. Every time i think of daddy, the picture of daddy lying down on the sofa resting with 1 hand over the chin/mouth area (as though he was putting on a thinking cap) greets me. It felt as though i just saw him last week. The memory is so vivid… it’s just so hard to accept that daddy is gone…. forever. :“(

This morning, the sisters and i were chatting on What’sApp group chat and the topic of daddy came up. Without realizing, the tears welled up and before i knew it, we were all crying, again. It’s just so so painful. So painful. I really have no idea when i can finally let go. The gf says that’s not possible but there will be a day when eventually, tears will just stop rolling down. Instead, a smile will be in placed, reminiscing the wonderful memories daddy and i had together.

I had wanted to surprise daddy with this magazine feature when i planned to visit him last month. Little did i know that i was a tad too ambitious…

But i managed to share the news with him though. Not sure if he had heard me but i certainly had a good time chatting with daddy during the 1 hour when i was there alone in the ICU — the rest of the family members were stuck at Nirvana Memorial Park sorting out stuff. I told daddy about the feature, about my dreams, the boys, my worries… I also told him what a wonderful daddy he was. The best ever. I couldn’t have asked for more. That 1 hour.. was probably the best hour i had during my trip back. It was so peaceful, i felt so at ease, lying down next to daddy.. just the two of us, talking.

You know.. I really wish… we had a sign or something. To tell us that daddy was gonna go soon… so that we can do everything that we wanted to… Then, at least, i won’t have so so many regrets. :((((

Till today, i blame myself for not rushing back the few days before the incident happened, even though the heart had fiercely told me to. If i had then, probably none of this would have happened……..

Every time i think of the promise i made during our last phone call… i thought my heart would go into some severe cramps. French/Jap cuisine i didn’t manage to bring daddy to, but mutton briyani from the famous Jalan Gasing i did, to daddy’s wake. The same Indian food that we had talked about on our way back from the hospital during my June’s trip.

Anyway, like what i had told the darling sisters… i’m so gonna live it up from now on. Loving my dear ones generously and passionately, for we really don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We read about it so often on Facebook inspirational quotes but how many of us take that seriously? I, for one, didn’t. We always thought, there’ll still be plenty of time, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year… but from this experience of mine, i know that is no longer true.

The first thing i will do when i go to Kuala Lumpur next month is to snap a photo of mummy and i. I’m still gonna take her to the French/Japanese restaurant that i had promised daddy and her. I am so gonna spend all of my 24/7 hours with her, keep her company and just be there until she gets so bored of me and shoo me off. Meanwhile, i’ll just pour my love out to ones who are closer (read : arm’s width away) to me now, my in laws, my husband, my children and my dearest friends. :)

Do you have something that you’ve always wanted to do / say to your loved ones but haven’t done so? Why not today? Don’t wait.

Gula Melaka Huat Kueh or Fatt Koh

A -

200g bread flour
1 tbsp instant yeast
154ml water
(mix to proof for 2 hours)

B -

250g all purpose flour
3 tsp baking powder
200g gula melaka, or palm sugar
196ml coconut milk


1. Mix A and B together to form batter.
2 Pour batter in cups and arrange in wok to steam for 15 minutes.

** can be frozen up to 1 month



May 132013


I love Sundays that are not mundane. Yes, my Sundays’ schedule are pretty much set and not very flexible. No offense, darling Darcy but our Sundays are BORING! :P

Best Sundays are Sundays with good companions, plenty of laughter, exceptional food and free flow of happy liquid in a laid back, quiet place where one can just eat, drink and be merry!

A few Sundays ago, i had the opportunity to do just that. We started at about 11ish all the way to 3ish in the late afternoon. Had it not been for the children, i think we could have mingle to god-knows-what-time! Tee hee heee!



La Brezza, an Italian Restaurant at St Regis Hotel, Singapore offers a weekend of refined comfort and  gastronomic experience with extensive variation of food from a number of regions in Italy. But the unlimited serving of Prosecco is definitely the icing of the cake, even for non-alchie like me!

Confession, i committed the biggest crime that a food blogger can commit during an invite session – left the charging battery at home without realizing it! AIYOH! *facepalm*

All the photos here are taken using Keropokman‘s camera, using my own SD Card. But after a couple of times skipping to his table for camera, i stopped going altogether. Paiseh la!! But if you’re keen to see more photos, hop over to the friends ~ MissTamChiak, SuperFeline.



If you’re going, head straight to the tomatoes on vine. Trust me, you will NOT regret it. I had almost 10 of it!! I’ve never had tomatoes this sweet and juicy before to be honest. Tomatoes on vine, i eat it often but the ones at La Brezza.. totally incomparable to the ones i’ve ever had!

Next, order their Uovo Tartufate e Fontina (45 minute poached egg with Fontina and truffle sauce). It was so good that i almost gave in to order a second (!), but alas, i was too stuffed. Heh. (imho, this gotta be the best dish at La Brezza’s brunch!)

For mains, i totally recommend Scottadito ~ Grilled Australian Lamb Chop, lemon-mint marinade & roasted potatoes. I don’t fancy lamb that much. Give me beef over lamb anytime but here at La Brezza, i rather the lamb than the beef. That says quite a lot eh?


For photos of the desserts available, remember to hop over to the friends’ blogs! ;)


The St. Regis Singapore, 
Level 2, 29 Tanglin Road,
Singapore 247911.
Phone: +65 6506-6884
LaBrezza’s Prosecco Brunch is available every weekend from noon till 3pm 
S$98++ per person with free flow of Prosecco D.O.C. Ca’del Sette
S$68++ per person without alcohol
S$49++ per child (aged 4 – 12)
Mar 052013

When i spotted this onsen egg on the friend’s IG, i squealed in delight. How cute can an egg get?!?!

Onsen Egg.. definitely my first. :D

Needless to say, Onsen Egg was the first food item i dove into when we finally get to sit down and eat. Grin. I had certain expectation of it but after i had it, it was quite a let down to be honest. It was very mild tasting. Nothing that could excite the palate. Lol!

DANRO @ NEX serves an authentic Japanese Hot Pot & Kiritanpo Rice Skewers at a wallet-friendly-price. They have a huge selection of nabemono across the regions of Japan. Nabemono is a term referring to all varieties of Japanese Hot Pot dishes.

The variety of food items available isn’t extensive but sufficient to make one a happy man/woman.

I, erm.. was filled up that i actually gave the dessert section a miss! Totally unbelievable eh? ME? No dessert?!?! Trust me, i can’t believe it myself too.. hahaha!

There are 8 nabemono broths to choose from and the ones we picked were :

  • Nara (奈良) – Chicken and Milk Broth
  • Toyko (東京) – Tonkotsu Broth
  • Shikoku (四国) – Chicken Spicy Broth
  • Akita (秋田) – Wafu Broth

My favourite?

Akita – Wafu Broth.

I liked it because it was light and comforting.. ;)

There is also a rather big selection of c00ked food items, great for young children who couldn’t wait to tuck in. DANRO is family friendly restaurant. With its affordable price, i actually made a mental note to perhaps bring the boys here for a different dining experience one day.

But of course, expect no top notch food for your meal.. because if you’re expecting that, i say, go ala carte else where. But then again, with this sorta money involved, GO TRY! ;)
DANRO’s buffet pricing :

Weekday Lunch: [Adults - $16.90++] [Children (12 and below) - $9.90++] [ Seniors (60 and above) - $13.90++] [ Students (excluding tertiary) - $14.90++] [Members - $14.90++]

Weekday Dinner: [Adults - $22.90++] [Children (12 and below) - $9.90++] [ Seniors (60 and above) - $18.90++] [ Students (excluding tertiary) - $18.90++] [Members - $20.90++]

Weekend Lunch: [Adults - $20.90++] [Children (12 and below) - $9.90++] [ Seniors (60 and above) - $18.90++] [ Students (excluding tertiary) - $18.90++] [Members - $18.90++]

Weekend Dinner: [Adults - $24.90++] [Children (12 and below) - $9.90++] [ Seniors (60 and above) - $20.90++] [ Students (excluding tertiary) - $22.90++] [Members - $22.90++]

* You can use your MOF Member card here!

DANRO Japanese Hot Pot by MOF

Serangoon NEX #02-04/06
Tel : 6634 4608

Operating Hours

  • Mon-Thurs, Sun & PH: Lunch: 11:30am-3.30pm, Dinner: 5.30pm-10pm
  • Fri-Sat & Eve PH: Lunch 11:30am-3.30pm, Dinner: 5.30pm-1o.30pm


Thank you Lena and Daniel for the fun company!