Oct 302012

You know, the first thing i’d check out whenever i’m at buffet, which isn’t that frequent since i’m not a fan, is their dessert spread. No i’m not joking. A lot of times, i just wanna dive into the desserts and heck care the rest. Hurhurhur. Well, the truth is, i’m no that far from the truth because very often, my second plate is usually the dessert. As for my first plate.. he he he he… comes my ultimate favorite, fresh oyster. ;)

Aren’t these cream puffs gorgeous?

I’m not a puff anything person. Be it durian or cream.. choux pastry is just not my thing but boy oh boy.. these ones here, i cannot resist. So tall, so pweeetttyyy! Needless to say, i took one. :P

Taraba Gani is one of the featured seafood at Triple 3 for this promotion. Another must try is the Lobster Mentaiko, according to the friends.

Personally, i think the Slow Roasted Japanese Wagyu Beef is really awesome. If not for the stuffed to the brim stomach, i would have asked for a whole slice instead of just 3 tiny pieces. Heeee! OH!! Another food item that sits high on my to-eat-list if you were to go is Hokkaido Steamed Potato. Yes, you read it right. Hokkaido Steamed Potato. It’s OMG lorr.. friggin’ unforgettable this potato i tell you. Together with 2 cubes of Hokkaido butter on top, you won’t regret filling your precious stomach space with this. That, i promise you. It’s really that good. I know right.. how can something so simple and basic be that good?!? But my dear readers, this is.

One of the highlights of the day – filleting a 45kg tuna fish. It’s so heavy that it needed 3 men to carry it.

As claimed, “The freshest sashimi you can ever find in Singapore” and i have no doubt about it even though i didn’t eat it for some personal reasons.

Do you know what are you looking at? *giggles*

It’s fish sperm! Deep fried no less. I did a double take when i first saw it on the spread but out of curiosity, i just had to try it, just like how i had to try the fresh moving octopus in Korea last year. Heh. The silly sister who was me at that time refused to take a bite, even after i cut it real puny, she simply wasn’t game enough. No fun she. Won’t bring her next time! Hmph!

Anyway, so how does the sperm taste like? Ermm.. to be honest, it tastes like flour. HAHA! It’s coated with a layer of funky tasting spices, my guess is these spices are to mask the floury taste of the sperm, otherwise, it’s really not palatable.

If you have just a tiny space for one dessert, go for Sea of Okhotsk Salt Ice Cream. Ignore the rest.. just head straight to the ice cream counter and ask for at least, 2 scoops of this flavour. It’s worth the calories and stomach space. ;)

This Hokkaido buffet promotion is only available for dinner ($138++) from 17 to 31 October 2012 so if you can make it, i say, go there tonight!

Thank you Ruth and Crystal for the invite.


Triple Three
333 Orchard Road
Level 5 Mandarin Orchard Singapore
Tel: 6831 6288

Aug 302012

Time flies.

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival once more!

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the few most important holidays in the Chinese Calendar that many of us still celebrate today. Of course, when you mention Mid-Autumn Festival, there could only be mooncakes in mind. Yeshhh, i’m greedy like that. Grin. For others or rather, children, it would be carrying brightly lit lanterns. :)

Revel with a selection of exquisite mooncakes from award-winning Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant of the Mandarin Orchard, these lovingly handcrafted mooncakes are specially created by Executive Chinese Chef Kong Hing Sun.

Thew new flavours include Mini Snow Skin Raspberry Mooncake and Mini Snow Skin Cheese with Citrus Mooncake.

After sampling many many of them, my favourite goes to *drum roll pleaseeeee* ………….

Mini Snow Skin Lychee Martini Mooncake! :P

Fine, i admit.. *throws hands up* It’s the Martini that did its thanggg.. I double confirm, confirm confirm an alchie now eh? HAhahaaa! For those of us who don’t like our moonies so sweet, fret not! Baked Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and Low Sugar White Lotus Paste is here to save the day!

Sky High Dining – Weekend Dim Sum at Mandarin Court

Yup! That’s right. Mandarin Court now serves an endless list of à la carte e weekend dim sum buffet with as many as over 80 exquisite and novel dim sum delights, featuring a mix of creative flair and culinary mastery by Mandarin Court’s master chefs. At Level 35, dim sum makan-makan is really not quite the same. The views of the bustling city as you sip that cuppa warm Chinese tea while you whet your appetite with Steamed Cheong Fun Rice Roll or Steamed Siew Mai, well.. what can i say? Soak it up yo!

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday*
1st seating: 11.00am to 1.00pm
2nd seating: 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Adult $48.00++ **Child $24++

*Additional $10 per person on Public Holidays

*Child: 5-12 years old


Mooncakes order starts from 24th August to 30th September. Order form can be found here. FYI, Mandarin Court Chinese Restaurant is located on Level 35, Orchard Wing.

For enquiries or reservations, please call 6831 6262/66 or email mandarincourt.orchard@meritushotels.com.

Thank you Ruth, and Crystal of Mandarin Orchard for the wonderful afternoon.

Jul 122012

It was that time of the year again.

The sister, mother and i would make a few trips to restaurants for lunch without fail in the month of May. I love it. It’s probably the only time i get to sit down with the 2 of them and have decent conversation! :)

This year, i picked Absinthe.

(past 2 years — just to name a few– : Nicholas, FiftyThree, Jaan Par Andre)


Did i tell you that i quite like dressing up? *grin* But not too often though.. Once a week is great! It kinda lift the spirit up and boost one self’s confidence a tiny bit — i’m mostly in comfy shorts and comfy old tees, probably that explains why eh?  :P


Fr left, clockwise : Foie Gras Poêlé
(Pan-Fried Foie Gras, Warm Blinis and Morello Cherries), Duck Breast, Ravioles de Royan (Royan Cheese Ravioli, Pesto and Citrus in Light Broth), Seared Tuna with Salad.

What can i say? Almost all four of these dishes were great!

But if i must pick one to be one of my least favourite, it gotta be the ravioli. Rather mediocre if you ask me. I’d probably leave this out if i were to go again. According to my dining companions, the Foie Gras and Duck Breast were rather exceptional. If i’m not wrong, the duck breast’s sauce was yuzu?


Fr left, clockwise : King Prawns, Steaks & desserts

Sorry for the very brief dishes’ names. It has been sometime and i can’t find it on the menu online. Yikes!

Anyway, the prawns were good! If u see this on the menu, ORDER it! We were torn between the prawns and something else. In the end, i turned to one of the fabulous, friendly staff for recommendation and he said, ‘The prawns”, and gave me that wink. Heh! But yeah, seriously, it was good. I wish i didn’t have to share them. HAhaaaa!

Desserts, hmmm… no comments. HAHAA! Well, if you must know, it was not bad but it wasn’t fabulous either. :P



The Fromage Français Affinés (French Farmed French Cheese Trolley) –> TOTALLY go for it! *wink*

Will i come back here for meals? Hell yes!


Absinthe Restaurant Francais

48 Bukit Pasoh Rd

Tel : 6222 9068