HOLA, Granola!

Your Morning BFF

In 3 sizes :

  • Try First
    300g   $9.90
  • Wah, I like!
    500g   $15.90
    (with 3 huge yummy figs, weight (50-60g) excluded)
  • I want moreeeeee!
    1000g   $29.90
    (value pack)



What’s in maameemoomoo’s granola?

Check it out!

The basics consist of :

Rolled oat, almond, cashew nut, sesame seed, cranberry, wheatgerm, sea salt brown sugar, honey and olive oil — Fortified with Premium Omega 3 Gold Flaxseed Milled.

Yup, that’s right. For once, all the ingredients in your granola are pronounceable and recognizable. No funky and mouthful names!

Surprise ingredients will be thrown as and when for .. well, surprise! ;)

How to order :

1. Email me! — maameemoomoo[@]gmail[.]com
2. Call me!

Payment :

Kindly make all payments to - POSB Savings 189-34383-3

50% down payment is a must in order for me proceed your order. As for the other 50%, it will be cash on delivery (COD). Of course, if you wish to make full payment via online banking, it will be more than welcome.

When will you receive your order :

maameemoomoo will only bake when she receives a certain minimum weight of order. She will consolidate all her orders and once it reaches that particular weight, then she will be baking away! However, do take note that due to time constraint and tight schedule (she’s got 3 little boys and no helper (!), if you haven’t already known), maameemoomoo will only bake once a week and nothing more. Okayyy, maybe twice a week at most but that’s about it. Having said that, maameemoomoo will try her bestest to accommodate.

Thank you for understanding. :)

Collection :

1. Tuesday, around noon at Raffles Place
2. Wednesday/Thursday, around noon at Ngee Ann City
3. Yew Tee MRT station, any day in evening at 6ish
4. Hume Ave/Hillview area, any day

For orders above $50, $10 delivery charge will be imposed and it is to just one location.

For orders above $120, there will be free delivery to just one location.

For latest Monthly Special and Limited Edition updates :

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❤  Please take note that the product is 100% homemade so, inevitably, each and every single packet will not be the same. Some may contain more nuts or seeds or cranberries than the others but please be rest assured, each of them has been made with equal same love. ;)

❤  Because maameemoomoo always tries to give back to the society (this time, with her hard-earned money!! *YAYYY*) whenever she could, she will pledge 10% of the profit to Club Rainbow where she has been a regular (monthly) donor for the past few years. :)

❤  Heartfelt thanks to all the lovely friends and dearest readers who have been supporting me in ALL ways. No words can describe how i’ve felt for the past few weeks. Setting this up and realizing the idea haven’t exactly been easy. Without you all, i would have crumbled like my Oatmeal Cookies or Banoffee Pie. Hee!

Again, thank you for letting me share my granola with you!


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9 Responses to “HOLA, Granola!”

  1. Tried your awesome granola today… cannot stop – and I’m just eating it by itself!! Need to wait to get some icecream / yoghurt ’cause I know it will be EVEN more awesome so I forced myself to put it away. hehehe! ! :) Yummmz!

  2. Can’t be more agree with what Tsalina said.. Maameemoomoo makes
    the best Granola I have ever tried. Can’t get enough of them. Keep it up
    Maameemoomoo! :)

  3. Indeed the yummiest granola I have ever tasted. Before I tasted this granola, I kinda regard granola and tree bark in the same food group more or less. But now I am a convert! I love it with ice cream and yoghurt. :-)

  4. Maameemoomoo’s granola is soooooooo good that I just can’t stop eating it.
    Half my 500gm pkt is gone!
    The weather is so hot that I lost all my appetite but when I paired it with cold milk n yoghurt , it was so heavenly !

  5. Ur bird food indeed addictive …packfull of ingredients n surprises. Generous with the amount of .rolled oats, whole nuts n cranberry n well ratio. Every spoonful got abit of everything. The whole pack was gently sweetened n evenly toasted glowing honey brown . So now who say u can’t snack you hit the sack?

  6. Halo …..look so nice oh…..^.^….

  7. Yummy… so irresistible when I got it yesterday, 3/7/13. Can’t wait for my avail stock (other brand) to finish. Now having for lunch 4/7/13. Can’t wait for my next meal

  8. Hi!!!! I wanna try a pack too!

  9. Hi! Do you think you can post a recipe of your coconut granola?? the one you posted on fb a few weeks ago!!

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