May 112011

from left : chicken eggs, century egg, salted duck egg


Didn’t realize i have so many photos for this entry!

To be honest, this dish is a little new to me. I’ve never had this all my life till recently. However, if you are talking about steamed water egg — 蒸水蛋 — then it’s entirely different story altogether. That my friends, was my childhood food. In fact, it was one of my favourite dishes by my dear mother. And today, it has became my boys’ favourite too (it’s not hard to love this egg dish!).

So where did i learn of this Three Emperor Egg dish?

Not restaurants or online for sure. I actually tried googling but lo and behold, there’s almost zero information available for this egg dish on the internet! Almost unbelievable actually if you were to ask me. I mean, internet supposed to have everything right? No?

Anyway, i remember reading it long, long time ago in the newspaper, a recipe posted by a reader but that was it. It was only recently when i was served this unforgettable spinach with 3 eggs combo dish at a Chinese restaurant and seeing how much i enjoyed it, then i made it a point to try this dish out, based on my mom’s 蒸水蛋 recipe.

i love mine silky and creamy, just like this! BEST!

Three Emperor Egg

(based on my mom’s steamed water egg recipe)

4 eggs, using CP Chilled Eggs*
1 salted duck egg (dice the yolk, save the egg white)
1 century egg, roughly diced
12 x half egg shell water/stock**
1/2 tsp salt, to taste

Left (clockwise) : century egg, chicken egg (beaten), diced century egg and salted duck egg yolk, salted duck egg


1. Beat eggs, salted egg white and water together till well.
2. Stir in diced salted egg yolk and century egg.
3. Add salt.
4. Steam egg over low heat (and i mean really low) in a boiling wok/pot for just 10 minutes or till the surface hardens. But if it’s wobbly, it’s perfectly fine too. However that really depends on personal preference though.
5. Serve immediately.

Optional : feel free to garnish the dish with fried shallots or pepper or soy sauce or sesame oil. for me, i like mine unadulterated. ;)


This is how i usually serve this dish actually. Steaming in bowls is a little tougher. It gets cooked too quickly!

Verdict : I love this egg dish very, very much. But if you are anything like my boys, who dislike the foul smelling century egg, then you may not like it that much. If that’s the case, skip the century egg! And there is no need to alter anything else in the recipe.

Do give this a try!

A couple of Q & As

  • So why do i use the egg shell to measure the water?

It’s because eggs’ sizes vary so, using its own shell is the best way to measure the water that is needed to make the custard smooth.

  • Do i strain my eggs to remove bubbles?

Nope. That’s why you could see some bubbles forming at the side. But you could if you want to.

  • What’s the secret to silky smooth custard?

The heat. Hence, like i mentioned, use very low heat to steam.

Last but not least, never let the base of your bowl/plate to touch the boiling water during steaming!

All the best to those who would be trying. :)


A little about CP Chilled Eggs

CP Foods solves the problem of cracking up stale eggs with the latest CP Chilled Fresh Eggs. Using innovative technology, the CP Chilled Fresh Eggs are sanitised, oiled and chilled within one hour of being laid to ensure that the supreme freshness from the farms is sealed and kept within the eggs until they hit the cooking pan. The large size eggs contain lesser cholesterol than ordinary eggs, and have a lifespan of up to 90 days!

From December 2010, the CP Chilled Fresh Eggs is available at all Cold Storage, NTUC Finest, Meidiya and Carrefour.

Thank you, Jacqualine from Vibes Communication for the CP Chilled Eggs.

Apr 282011

Lunch is a boring affair at home, on weekdays (+ Saturday) that is. Oh wait, make that weekends too… since we always eat the same thing on Sunday! –> man, you have NO idea but ermm, nope, i’m not really complaining though.. because i do look forward to that piping hot bowl of fishball noodle with fried fish fins no matter how boring it is. Heh.

Anyway, i got some dried shrimp noodle from the wet market sometime ago, which was highly raved by the friendly and chatty po-po which i had no recollection at all until last week. Seeing that i have a few drumsticks in the freezer, i rolled up my sleeves and got down to some serious work ( if!).

This dish was roughly thrown together, praying hard that the boys might like it. They are a bunch of fussy brats! But whether they still need to eat it or not is another story altogether though… *wicked grin*

Chinese Shrimp Noodle with Grilled Chicken

(serves 4)

2 big bowls of ikan bilis – anchovy stock (i measure according to the noodle bowl which i usually use)
4 x shrimp noodle
a bunch of blanched chye sim
fish sauce, to taste
pepper, to taste

For chicken

4 drumsticks
honey, to glaze
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tsp soy sauce
few dashes of sesame oil
few dashes of pepper
a dash of shaoxing wine

To serve

fried shrimps, optional
dried shrimp sambal belacan — a MUST!

shrimp noodle

To cook chicken

1. Preheat oven to 190C.
2. Marinate chicken with all ingredients (A) for at least 15 minutes.
3. Grill chicken for 10 minutes or till golden brown, turning once.

To cook noodle

1. Boil noodles in the stock until al dente.
2. Serve with piping hot golden chicken and blanched vegetables immediately.

So how did my boys like it?

Errrmm… they loved the chicken but they don’t quite like the idea eating the chicken with noodle soup though.

To them, grilled chicken must be eaten with my chicken flavoured rice // chicken rice way. Soaking the crispy chicken skin in the soup is a total waste, the boys mused.


(for the record, the soup was really very little. You know, just enough to soak the noodle up to its knee that’s all)

But will i cook this again? Naaahhh… If the boys don’t fancy the idea of having grilled chicken in noodle soup, then no grilled chicken in noodle soup it is.

However, i’ll probably do some tweaks here and there, such as serving the grilled chicken with kon-lo (dry) noodle instead of soup! ;)

Apr 162011


Don’t shudder and get goose bumps just yet.

I know.. the sound of this dish is rather geli kan? Yam sauce? In baked rice with cheese?!?!

Doesn’t sound very convincing, does it? Trust me, i had the exact same sentiment as you too! I was very skeptical initially… But oh my my my, just wait till you try it….

If you were to ask me, i would give this dish 2 thumbs up. The baked rice is simply sensational! I could eat bowls of it without the pork and errrr..  i did (ooppss! *cups face*). Creamy, yummy yam-my, cheesy + egg fried rice… it’s WOW alright. MMmmm… and i was supposed to cut down on my carbs! Hmmmpphhhhhh! *stares down at the spare tyre and sighs*

For the record, i love yam, which also known as taro. So, i could be biased….


If you like yam or yam rice, you MUST give this a go.

But ermm.. be prepared for the extra double chin or the bulging tummy the next morning. Don’t say i didn’t warn ya! ;)

Cheese Baked Rice with Pork and Yam Sauce

ideal for 4 adults

taken during dinner time – bad lighting but i cannot resist!

1 portion basic fried rice
4 pieces of pork chop (the butcher took care of this for me)
a handful or more of mozzarella + cheddar cheese
2 tbsp butter
100g yam, cubed

3-5 tsp teriyaki sauce

Yam Sauce
160g yam, cubed
50g big onion, sliced
2 tbsp butter
400ml chicken broth or water
200ml cream



1. pound the pork up using the back of your cleaver a couple of times to tenderize the meat. flip and repeat. season the pork chop with marinade for at least 30 minutes

2. melt butter in the sauce pan, shallow fry the marinated pork chop over low heat until golden brown but never fully cook!

3. to make yam sauce – melt the butter in the sauce pan to saute big onions and yam until fragrant. add chicken broth and bring to boil. lower the heat, simmer for 6 minute. transfer the ingredients to the blender (i use hand-held blender) and blend until smooth. reboil with yam (from the ingredient section), cook over low heat for 5 minutes. season with salt.

4. put fried rice in a bowl. ladle the yam sauce over and top it with fried pork chop. sprinkle the cheese mixture all over.
5. bake rice in the preheated oven at 200C for 8 minutes or until the cheese is golden in colour.

Basic Fried Rice with Egg

5 bowls of cooked rice
3 eggs, beaten
cooking oil
sesame oil


Heat up oil in the hot wok, add in beaten egg, stir fry till fragrant. add in cooked rice, and the rest of the seasoning, stirring constantly over high heat until well combined and aromatic. remove from heat.

(source : Famous Cuisine no. 64)

can you say YUMS?!?!


Submitting this to Muhibbah Monday to Suresh from 3hungrytummies :)