Mar 292010

This snack is not uncommon.

It can be found almost everywhere!

In Indonesia, there are quite a variety of bakwan according to my helper. There are bakwan udang, bakwan jagung, bakwan with cili, bakwan sayur etc. The ones we normally have at home are bakwan sayur.

So what’s so special about this bakwan i’m holding compare to the ones that can be found almost everywhere?


They’re made with love, by the helper. :)


I like devouring them piping hot (read : crispy, at the edges!).

Jan 042010

As i’ve mentioned a little and even shared a photo, i tried the Flying Trapeze when we were in Club Med last month.

It was super thrilling.

Worst than roller coaster!

My heart practically flew out as i flew around… no joke! And the strength needed… ooohh.. i don’t think i could do what i did if not for the past years’ yoga and weight training. SERIOUSLY. Hanging on to the bar for your dear life, using only arms’ strength is no chicken feet.

For a moment after i leaped off from the stand, i thought i would let go and fall straight to the net… but … i didn’t. I managed to hang on.. and even accomplished what i was set out to do! *grin*


The whole experience was rather laughable.

I screamed all the way, but stopped when i was doing the stunts  — stunts were not scary mah! :P

Hotel guests can’t help but to stare + watch intently and most, if not all, laughed.. according to my very reliable little sources who scowled at them for doing so. LOL. Well, i don’t blame them at all! I bet i’d laugh out loud too if i were them. I was such a clown! But i rather be a clown than to suffer silently with that constipated face! :ppppPPpp


The first time i tried getting my legs up onto the bar before hooking it up, i failed.

To do this, you need core strength. I underestimated what the very tight belt did to me. Then, i swung one more time to try again. This time, i put in more effort and i was up in no time. Hooking was easy but the decision to let go and fall back was a tough one. I have no idea how reliable my legs are! I always thought hooking up like that will hurt the back of my knee — can you feel the 2 fragile feeling bones there?

But i was wrong.

It didn’t hurt at all *phew*.


All was quiet and peaceful again until the second i let go of the bar and fell to the net. Muahahaha….. free fall => SCARY!

And getting down from the net was also pretty scary! Lol.. aiyoh. I’m terrible! *hides*

Loud, cheeery, whistles and aplauds awaited me when i landed (not that i didn’t get any while i was up there :P) .Must be my screaming! I turned beetroot red needless to say — i was the only one who screamed this many times!

Before i went up, i took note on how to execute the moves with poise and grace because many did it quite clumsily i must say. So when i wasn’t too wobbly and in shock to talk anymore, the first question i asked the husband was, “how was i? graceful or clumsy?“.

The husband replied flatly, “cartoon“.


But added shortly,”pretty graceful and a teeny weeny pro-like actually if not for the siao-cha-boh-screaming“.


Dec 142009

when one forgets the extra camera battery during a getaway on a remote island! A battery that was initially in the luggage but forgotten later on when one decided to switch bag!*smacked forehead, not once, not twice but for countless of times!!* -_-

Anywaaaaay, a sneak preview of our getaway!

I screamed! (i bagged the Queen of Scream tittle y’know)

I FLEW!!!! (Well, almost….)


I hung upside down!


More pics and stories to come! ;)