Jul 262010

If you were to ask me to name one pasta i love but can’t bring myself to order when i’m out dining, it’d be Pasta Carbonara.

I love Carbonara. I doubt no one doesn’t know that by now, judging from the number of entries dedicated to this pasta alone! Lol!

Still remember my disastrous first time?

Aiyoh… how embarrassing!

Thanks to Renee, i have sorta got it already.. if i may say so myself :)

The thing about me is, i hardly cook with recipes. I prefer to agar agar, especially for dishes that i can already figure out myself and does not involve many ingredients. Recipes are bothersome lah! :P

Trust me, once you get this pasta right, you’ll never order this outside forever… like really forever!

Reasons :

1. too expensive, for something so simple which we can whip up anytime

2. too oily. doesn’t this happen waaay to often?

3. not creamy enough. seriously! how can!

4. too creamy, until jelak.

Dang.. i’m really one big fussy, whiny pot!

Too bad i don’t have a proper recipe for you to follow… this is roughly what i do :

1. sauteed prawn heads

2. stir in minced garlic

3. add in mushrooms, sliced, follow by prawns

4. add cream

5. sprinkle salt

6. throw the cooked pasta in and let it simmer in the cream mixture for just 10-15 seconds. make sure your fire is not blazing high. too high a heat = cream becomes oil. switch off the fire. wait for 1 minute.

7. when the pasta isn’t that hot anymore (after 1 minute), stir in 1 egg (beaten) and mix it thoroughly and evenly.

8. ready to serve but wait! Not before sprinkling with lotsa freshly grated Parmesan cheese, okie?


Bon Appétit!