Nov 092011

Finally, i’m onto the Korea travel post.

Not that i’m done with my Shanghai, Hanoi, YuanYang, Kinabalu or Lombok posts yet.. but, erm.. let me do this one first yeah? ;)

Our Korea Itinerary

(planned solely by yours truly)

Day 1 : Arrived Jeju, 12 hours later due to flight delay

Day 2 : Jeju (Exploring the East)

Day 3 : Jeju (Exploring the West)

Day 4 : Jeju ~ Seoul (Hanok stay & exploring Bukchon Village)

Day 5 : Seoul (Changdeokgung Palace & Hong-ik)

Day 6 : Seoul (Noryangjing Fish Market & Dongdaemun)

Day 7 : Seoul (DMZ, Namdaemun & Dongdaemun)

Day 8 : Seoul (Yongsan, Insadong & Myeongdong)

Day 9 : Seoul (Insadong & Myeongdong)

Day 10 : Seoul ~ Home Sweet Home


It was an impromptu trip.

It so happened that on one fateful night the baby sis (who was still staying with me then) was browsing Air Asia’s website and this cannot-be-resisted-deal to Korea popped right up.

So what do we do?


Within 10 minutes (before the Hot deal ended), frantic calls to Kuala Lumpur and Taipei were made and ta-dahhh, 4 tickets booked!

The other 2 sisters from Taiwan and New Zealand respectively, booked their tickets separately, and so did boy2, a last minute must-have-baggage whom i decided to bring along just 2 weeks before the trip. Yeah, it was supposed to be an all girls’ thingie.. but you know what? Having a male on board amongst the girls ain’t so bad at all. After all, the females went absolutely gaga over him and simply can’t get enough of this male masseur and his magical feet + hands! ;)

Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

The trip was really a good one.

The places, the food, the companions, the country, the people.. truly amazing. Really.

I’m missing all of them, especially my companions. They may be slow, like, dreadfully, yawnssssss inducing slow.. especially when it comes to browsing and shopping but still, they are the best. Others just won’t do. ;)

Sep 242011

Again, life is on the fast track!

I was in Korea for almost 2 weeks earlier this month to travel, eat, shop, eat and eat and more eats! :)

Now, after coming back for almost 2 weeks, i still have so much to do, namely, spring autumn (Keropokman corrected me!) cleaning the wardrobe andddddd, i had just uploaded .. *gasps* … the trip’s 1000000101010100 photos this morning! Yup, i didn’t turn on the computer till today. It’s crazy, isn’t it?

With the boys’ final exam looming around the corner and KL’s bestie’s visit few days’ ago, i feel the need to clone at least 5 x me, 3 for 3 young ones, 1 for the old one and 1 for bestie. Heh.

Anyway, i’ll leave you with my favourite photo which i managed to snap over at the lovely hanok we stayed in Seoul while i go make some ondeh ondeh for the friends and family. :)

ppsstt : i love love love Korea!