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* Quickie with iPhone.

|| 10 minutes morning jog || Breakfast – Super yummilicious blueberry yogurt and muesli/granola || Lunch on campus – Beef lasagna, quinoa chickpea salad & creamy penne with chicken (because the boy didn’t feel that great, I had almost everything myself! || Northland to reminisce || Another accidental buy, oops! || Snack – Whole box of Cheese Twist + 2 handfuls of cheese cubes from De Bortolli || Dinner – Beef Vindaloo, stir fry Chinese cabbage with fish cake & braised pork belly with beancurd and egg ||


I. Need. To. Stop. Stuffing. Myself! *burrrpp*

*Quickie with iPhone.


Today was spent oohing and aahing at the familiar shops that have been here since 1999. Heh. Spotted Mekong, the famous Vietnamese pho place, Supper Inn, Wing Cheong grocery store, just to name a few.

It feels surreal to be back, walking down the roads which we were so familiar with, holding hands not with Darcy but with Darcy junior… I miss the husband today (hopefully today only ah! :p).

It rained almost the whole day sadly. It was gloomy, windy and wet which I won’t mind that much had I worn another pair of shoes instead of my beloved brown leather boots. :(

The initial plan was to do some skipping around the beach at St Kilda, say hello to the seagulls, have a cuppa hot chocolate (for the boy), latte (for me) and cakes while chillaxing with our books. But we managed the latter, at Acland Bakery (!!), which surprisingly, is still around despite the so-so tasting cakes which never fails to wow me whenever I pass by the bakery’s window display. I’m glad. :))


Summary for today : –

Mid-day break : handroll $2.50 (used to be $1.70 if i remember correctly) which I often had whenever I ran my errands in town. :)

Supper : Mushroom Swiss Angus XT from Hungry Jack’s. So yummy!!

Accidental buy of the day : another pair of boots from Steve Madden at 70% discount! I’m a happy girl. ;)


Dinner : Mamasita (Mexican) — The gf took us to one of her favourite restaurants and boy oh boy, the food was good or what! We ordered quite a bit ; Elotes Callejeros (Grilled corn with mayo, cheese & paprika), Pozolito (Pulled pork & Shrimp Soup with Chili and Cumin), Huitlacoche (Mushroom) Quesadilla, Venado Tostadas (orange cured venison), Carnitas Tostadas (Pork), Tongue Taco (Braised Ox Tongue and Cheeks), Snapper Ceviche, Quinoa Ensaladas and super lethal Margaritas!

Because I was too stuffed, I went off to Safeway for late night shopping for a good 1.5 hours right after we got back but not before I changed the shoes of course. I know i have said it before but I’m gonna say it again… I love grocery shopping at Safeway! :)

*Quickie with iPhone!


You know you’re in Ozzie when you see this. :)

Oh Melbourne, how i’ve missed thee. It has been almost 12 years since we left this island when Darcy graduated. Before we left, we vowed to come back every 10 years but it didn’t happen. Even till now, it still didn’t for i came back with another (little) man instead of Darcy but i’m still determined to have some fun hence, a fun-filled activities it is for the next 8 days!


First stop — Rivers of Yarrambat.

After a terribly uncomfortable night flight, this was exactly what we needed, a hearty brekkie. I swear the gf must be a mind reader in her past life!


Flourless Orange Cake with fresh cream, traditional scones with raspberry jam & whipped cream and egg benny!


Oh, and not forgetting, my cuppa Vienna Hot Chocolate. :)


Next up!

Winery hopping. (can you see me do a little happy dance? Heheeheheee — pssttt : the gf did! HAHA!)

Which just means, wine and cheese tasting. Aaahhh.. what a life. I can get used to this every weekend, y’know. *wink* In total, we went to 3 wineries ; Yarrawood, De Bortolli and Yering Station. So picturesque these wineries. I was lucky for some trees still have some reds, oranges and yellows on. Most photos are captured using my trusted DSLR but if you know me well, the photos will probably see light months later if not years. Teeheheheheee! I know i know.. horrible i am!

Before we called it a day, shopping at Woolworths (i really prefer to call it Safeway) it was. Man, i sure miss those spacious aisles!


Sarawak Laksa — Our welcome dinner, cooked by our lovely hostess.

It’s super awesome to slurrrrrppppp this noodle in this sorta weather, man. HEART! <3

Dear Melbourne weather,

You have treated me with much kindness and love today. Looking forward to the rest of the gorgeous weather in the next 7 days.

Thank you!


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