Sep 162009

After the pumpkin cheesecake, i still had quite abit of pumpkin mash leftover in the fridge.

So, i thought it was high time for me to hone my skills in bread making and ta-dahhhhh, 1 not so beautiful pumpkin loaf *heeeee* using the same recipe as my sweet potato loaf, because i left out a couple of ingredients and instructions in my hand-copied recipe!

Yeah, what’s the big deal.. we can always search the net for a complete recipe aye?


The thing is, i only realized the missing ingredients and instructions halfway kneading the dough, noticing something was amiss somehow.

I abandoned the dough as quick as lightning and googled for the recipe immediately.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

For someone as famous as Rose Levy Berandum, i’m appalled to find out that the recipe was not available online somehow or another. Hmmm.. no one has posted this particular recipe before! *slaps forehead*

So i made a mental note to be the first to do it once when i get hold of the book, be it from the library or when i have decided to splurge and get myself a copy of this fantabulous book by Rose.

Because of my own carelessness, the bread didn’t turn out as nice as sweet potato loaf.. taste and look wise :(

To be honest, there was hardly any taste at all.

Not even a little bit of sweetness because there wasn’t any sugar.

Salty? What’s that???


The only thing that sets it apart from normal white bread that we consume daily is the heaviness, chewiness and its natural moistness that comes from the pumpkin, which i like. I also did not manage to detect even the tiniest hint of cinnamon too, which i added to spice it up :(

Though the bread wasn’t fantastic to be eaten just like that, all one needed to do was to slap a thick layer of cheese spread and one will be blown away, especially when it was freshly toasted – if you like this kind of bread texture that is ;)

helpful boy2 and his balancing act. not easy okieee, for someone as tiny as him :)


I know!

Terrible looking bread slices aye?

I didn’t know how long to knead so i anyhow! The dough turned out to be sooooo sticky that i couldn’t shape it at all. I just dumped the whole lump of dough into the baking tin and that was it. Then i realized i actually under knead it. Oh well… then, to my surprise (pleasantly surprise), it actually managed to rise and look like a bread loaf in the oven!

I had never expected that.

I had expected 100% failure.


Nevertheless, i’m so gonna try baking this again when i have the full recipe so if you are keen for the recipe, stay tuned!