Jun 242010

It’s very green.

It’s very blue too.

Well, except for Sungai Padas (see my previous post).. which is ‘teh C’ in colour.

At Kota Kinabalu, the streets are very clean. Almost like Singapore, Darcy said.. which i must agree whole heartedly. Nothing like KL i must say.. which freaked me out quite a bit with the bizarre appearance of the rats from almost every direction!

Up, down, left, right.

It was crawwwzeeeeeeeee!

Rubbish = rats.

Mamak = rats.

Dai Pai Dong = rats.

Back lanes = rats.

Side lanes = rats.

Even the main road also have rats!!!

I swear i ran over one the last time i was in KL..

Thankfully, KK is nothing like KL. But umm.. to be fair, certain places in KL are very OK actually, especially in the spanky new malls, atas and new neighbourhoods which are pretty clean. So if you were to stick to these places, you’ll be safe. But then.. i don’t think there’s anyone out there who can be more scaredy-cat than me when it comes to huge, black rats.

I have this total fear towards these freaky black rats. UGH!! The sisters and girlfriends think nothing of them. In fact, i was given this very weird-what-are-you-doing-look whenever i freaked out at these pests’ presence.

You know, i rather swim with great white sharks in the sea anytime than to see these rats in the streets. The chances of them running across my feet.. is very HIGH!

But i love hamsters.

Am i strange or what?