Oct 182010

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I know!

I’ve been terrible haven’t i?

No updates for the longest time!

Well, as much as i’d love to cough up some ridiculous sounding excuses, the truth is.. i’ve been slacking. I love and enjoy blogging no doubt. But when i think of the bloody useless computer that i have at home, it puts me off almost straight away from using it. It’ acts like a 486 machine!! It takes 10 minutes to load a page. What’s worst is, i can’t upload pictures from it. It’d be distorted. So what i have been doing for the past half a year is.. save the pictures that i’ve edited to a thumb drive and then plug the thumb drive into the laptop to upload and finally *takes deep breath*.. return to the desktop to finish up the writing.

And on days like today gotta be the worst. Aihhsss. Because the internet connection fails even though i’ve rebooted the desktop for 3 times!

How absurd is that?? We are, after all.. living in the 21st century.. and i’m having such problem?? Hahaaa!

Psssttt, i’m suspecting the husband i tell you… because he doesn’t quite fancy the idea of me spending hours in front of the desktop, surfing, reading, editing and writing away! (but err, he also curses and swears whenever he uses the desktop too. so, quite unlikely right.. unless he’s an Academy Award winner, which he’s not obviously :P) It’s almost a miracle that i managed to persevere and still update my blog eh? ^_^

And yes, if you notice that i’ve been MIA-ing from your blogs or have not been that friendly lately, it’s all because i hardly touch the computer! How about the laptop? You’d ask. Ummm… i dislike laptops and my contact with lappie is kept minimal. Like, really minimal. I don’t read nor surf online using lappie. I just do what i gotta do and turn it off immediately there after. No chatting, no browsing, no editing, basically, no nothing with the lappie.

To cut story short, my usual 1 plus hour (editing + write up) of blogging now takes me at least 2-3 hours! Sigh. Don’t be surprise if you don’t see me updating as often as i used to okay and i have tenssss of backlogs! Grrrrr! And oh, if there’s grammar error, typo etc, do close an eye will ya? Because i don’t re-read my posting once i click “Publish”. Word Press has been very naughty. Every time i wanna edit a post, funny characters pop up and it saves by itself! It is most frustrating.

Anyway, thought of sneaking in this recipe here even though the photo doesn’t look that awesome. Uh huh, i’m back to sneaking in awful no-styling photos again! :PppP

I was at the market the other day and suddenly remembered a delicious looking brown squid recipe that i have. The decision was definitely an impromptu one but we ended up with one very sumptuous nasi lemak dinner that night, with this sambal brown squid as the “star” side dish, so me ain’t complaining!

This sambal tasted exactly like the ones sold from the nasi lemak road side make shift stall in Malaysia. If you have been or stayed in Malaysia for sometime, you’ll know what i’m talking about. If you are a Malaysian, you would definitely know what i’m talking about! ;)

But do i like it?

Well, i’d say, once a while.. OKAY lahh… but cook this often? Nahhhhh. I don’t quite fancy the ‘siap siap’ after taste in the mouth. It’s one of the reason why i’m not enamored with “yao yu ong choi” – cuttle fish with kangkong – since young.  However, the sambal… oh the sambal, it’s totally to-die-for!! Best with my coconut rice ;)

Sambal Brown Squid

from famous cuisine no.64

A :
1 no soaked brown squid
1/2 yellow onion (shredded)

B :
15g dried chilies (soak in water until soften)
30g shallots
15g garlic cloves
100g chili paste
4 tbsp cooking oil

Seasoning :
1/4 tsp salt
3 tbsp sugar
120ml tamarind concentrate

1. Cut the squid into slices, blanch in the boiling water, drain well.

2. Blend all ingredients B in the blender until finely paste and smooth.

3. Heat up wok, add in blended ingredients B mixture, saute over medium high heat until fragrant. Add in seasoning, stir fry briskly until the chili oil is separated.

4. Add in big onion and stir fry for a while. Lastly, stir in the squid. Stir fry until the chili sauce is thickened and almost absorbed. Remove from heat, ready to serve.


ps : u might wanna adjust the number of chili used in this recipe. why? because i was practically living in the loo the next day! really lethal. definitely good for those who have constipation. hahahhaa! rigggghttt, i know i’m gross! :P

Submitting this for Muhibbah Monday!