May 182011

French Concession at 7.30am

Writing this entry makes me smile.

Those were the days. Precious precious days!

There is no denying that i missed the boys. Like really, really missed them. One of the reasons i dread calling home whenever i’m traveling is that i’d end up crying upon hearing their voices on the phone, telling me how much they are missing me and how they can’t wait to see me again etc. Usually when that happens, i’d go into an hour (can be more or  sometimes, less) of quiet moment, sitting at one corner feeling really guilty for ditching them while i holiday away. Hmm… It’s not exactly the best feeling ever.

But if i were to say i didn’t enjoy myself during this trip because of that, i would be lying.

L to R : night view from gf’s place, her humble abode, me checking out the gelato place which was just a stone throw away from gf’s place and her very adorable baby boy!

The first few days in Shanghai were spent eating, shopping, eating and more eating!

While waiting for other friends (who arrived 2 days after me), the wonderful gf decided to bring me go shopping till i drop — upon request *wink*. And trust me, shopped till i dropped we did!

What i didn’t expect during this trip was the girlfriend’s 3 storey penthouse that came with a breathtaking view. I am not complaining actually because methinks her heated floor (even in the bathrooms) was so darn cool! Oh, and that 4 posted bed with many many pillows… Man, i really can’t ask for more!

However, what i had really looked forward to was her 7 storey French-Colonial Townhouse.  The gf didn’t inform me beforehand that she had moved so imagine my surprise when i was brought into her condo estate. I was disappointed to say the least. There goes my photo-taking opportunity. Oh well, my bad for not visiting her earlier.

L to R : 1. piping hot pao calling out to me but er, i didn’t cave in (!) 2. gf’s friend checking out eccentric (read: ah lian) looking boots 3. as much as i would love to try that morning snack that can be found on the road side, i didn’t 4. French Concession, again.

Everyday, the hor-mia (good life) gf wakes up only at 10am unless she has appointments or dates to go to. Otherwise, it’s 10am all the way! Not sure why but when i’m holidaying, i always wake up super duper early and i’m not even a morning person to begin with.

So waking up hours before the gf means i had plenty of time to do some exploring on my own. I took time to walk around the neighbourhood, clicking the camera away. Passing by the road side food stalls was fun! I made many stops along the way, staring at how the locals whipped up the food or you know, just paused, stared at the food and moved on. Surprisingly, i didn’t make any attempt to buy any food at all even when asked. Must be all the horror stories that i have been hearing! Importantly, i wasn’t about to give the stomach a chance to pull its stunt on me, just like how it did during last year’s Vietnam trip — my very first food poisoning episode. It was so bad that i lost 3kg in just a couple of days! *shudders*

I <heart> Tsingtao beer!

I’m not much of a shopper to be honest. I hardly go shopping and especially so during trips and holidays because time is too precious! (judge me not my dear shopaholic friends! :P) But lo and behold!

Shopping in Shanghai was good good good!

The gf and i kicked off the day at 10.30am and we didn’t stop till 6pm! We just hopped onto the bicycles and started exploring the little boutiques which she frequents. She called them her treasure shops. :)

From trench coats to boots. From legging trousers to bling bling top. From leather bags to leather belts. I bought them all. HEEEEEEEEEEeeeee!

In short, it was madness!

Shop assistants’ jaws practically dropped whenever we entered the boutiques with our loots. We had bags and bags on the bikes’ baby chairs and front baskets. Heck, we even had bags hanging on the handles! I really don’t blame the gf for rolling her eyes at me when we were shopping because at the end of the trip, i went home with luggages that weighed more than 40kg! (fyi, i went with just 15kg)

pssttt : if i were to shop like this thrice a week (no need daily lah yeah), i can skip all my exercises routine already! what a great workout….  *flex biceps*

At the end of our shopping day, guess what i did?

I called SOS.

Yes, that’s right. I dialed SOS’ phone number!


You see.. I had to. My cash was running low (i seriously didn’t know i could shop like this before i went!) and i simply had to call the gf who was flying in the next day to bring me more cash! Sure, i had 2 credit cards with me for emergency but you know what? Cash is king in China. FYI, there are many shops and restaurants that do not accept international credit cards. ;)

And that my dear friends, was only my second day in China — first day not counted since i arrived only at 4pm (but i did shop a weeeeee bit on that night after our gelato outing :P).

Scary huh?

French Concession, and again! — can’t help it. love the botak (bald) trees! :P