Dec 162010

I was not kidding when i say that this gotta be the most versatile recipe ever and it produces healthy and very tasty cakes too!

This time round, because we were craving for something chocolate, i tweaked the original recipe quite a bit and out came Yogurt Chocolate Cake, best with Chocolate Ganache. *wink*

Of course, you can eat it just like that as well (still decadent!) … without the ganache. For myself, i’d prefer to go all the way… I mean, since i’m already indulging, i might as well eat it the shiok-est way as possible. :P


** Just received a text from the baby sister.

Mood to finishing up this entry is now gone. The sister just told me that she dreamt (last night) that my 3 boys died in a tragic accident and she cried so bad until she woke up. OMG.

And guess what? I’m supposed to drive up to KL in a bit! (waiting for another fruit cake to bake in the oven)


This is not good.

I really don’t like the sound of it at all and this isn’t the first time. Just before another sister left for New Zealand few months ago, she had a similar dream as well and woke up crying too. Received her text the very next day, followed by a phone call to speak to the boys.

I’m scared.

Should i be superstitious and stay home today?


Anyway, here’s the recipe.


Yogurt Chocolate Cake

125g unsalted butter, softened

1 cup caster sugar

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1 cup of thick plain yogurt + 1 tbsp more

2 cup self raising flour

1/2 cup dutch cocoa powder

1/2 baking soda

1. Beat butter and sugar together until light and creamy. Add eggs. Beat well.

2. Stir in sifted flour, cocoa powder and baking soda and alternate it yogurt into the butter and egg mixture. Mix well but do not over mix.

3. Bake in a greased and lined loaf pan or a 9″ tin at 150C for 45-60 mins till golden brown.

Dec 092010

I don’t think i can ever ask for more.

It’s healthy, easy to make and yummy!

Excellent for days when i feel peckish and just wanna devour everything ;)

ps : photographing popsicles are no chicken feet man… hahahhaaaaaa!

Strawberry Yogurt Popsicle

500g plain yogurt
150g-200g strawberry puree
sugar syrup, to taste

1. mix everything together and pour into molds.
2. freeze for at least 3 hours.


Seeeeeeee… i’m so not kidding when i say it is easy! ^_^

May 162010

My current obsession : yogurt.

I make bread with yogurt, i make drinks with yogurt, i cook curry with yogurt and i  have been making froyo with yogurt (duh :P)!

Lately the weather has been crazy. Hot, rain, hot, rain, hot, rain.


Don’t even get me started on the humidity!

So i decided a few cups of strawberry lassi in the middle of a very hot afternoon would do everyone a favour and boy, it sure did.

Beep is one very cheeky monkey.. At times, he can be worst than didi but not in a bad way (not that didi is bad or anything like that) because i always end up laughing at the antics he pulls!

…. just like the test shot above.

Imagine my surprise when the baby did that! I can’t help but laughed out loud after the head with the tongue stuck out appeared out of nowhere just when i clicked. Grin.

Then i tried again, instructing beep specifically not to stick his head and tongue out… Well, head and tongue i did not get.

But guess what i got instead? ^.^












Then i tried again.

This time, i said .. no beep (all parts) in the photo anymore (!) and if he were to kacau me again, out of the balcony he goes.

And guess what?








It worked! :D


But er, not always though.. especially if didi is around!

Strawberry Lassi

250g plain yogurt

4-5 tbsp strawberry puree (otherwise, use 8-9 or more strawberries)

2-3 tsp of fresh milk

1-2 tsp of sugar or honey *i skipped this*


Blend everything together for a minute or 2 or less, based on what you like.

Serves 2-4, very much depending on the cups’ size.


Beep was kind enough to let me take another few shots, different angle altogether.. just for fun :)