Apr 222010

Despite my complains about my useless, not-working ice cream maker, i stubbornly set out to try using it again.

This time, it is not ice cream that i want to churn. It’s frozen yogurt!

I think the boys and i kinda like frozen yogurt more than ice cream. Seriously! But then, the boys love anything frozen or cold so….. i might be speaking for just myself :P

the very excited little ones

Imagine my excitement when *aheeeeemmm* the yogurt looks what it should look like. Hahahahaa… so uuummmmmmmmm, it has not been the ice cream maker’s fault all this while! I was the useless, not-working one! *hide*

David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop is really quite something. I am in *love* with the book! Kinda regretted for putting it off my radar for months if not years. Oh well, better late than never! 1 more recipe to test and i’d be ready to purchase it if it passes with flying colours. :P

the kind of texture you should get after churning it in ice cream maker…

The vanilla  froyo is utterly awesome!

It has that delightful tanginess which i heart. Moreover, i didn’t just use Natural Yogurt, i used Greek yogurt! For the uninitiated, Greek yogurt is much higher in fat than plain yogurt, which i don’t quite care – i like wholesome food! -

In another word, my fro-yo is creamier and richer!  :D

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

by David Lebovitz

720g plain whole-milk yogurt (seriously, don’t attempt to use low fat ones)

200g sugar (i’d cut this down to 150g)

1 tsp vanilla

Mix together the yogurt, sugar and vanilla. Stir until the sugar is completely dissolved. Refrigerate for 1 hour. Freeze in your ice cream maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions.



Now that i kinda know what my problem was earlier with the ice cream maker, i sure hope my next test recipe will work out fine. The key is to refrigerate the ingredients for an hour before churning it in the ice cream maker ;)

Mar 262010

Since beginning of this year, i haven’t done much baking at all.. except for some festive season and also birthday celebration bakes.

Having been deprived from food for almost a week –food poisoning!– i craved for a couple of slices of good, hearty and heavy solid cake. It could be anything.. from anything, so long it is something fresh out of my own oven, i am pretty sure it’d hit the right spot! *aheeeeemm* :P

To be honest, i didn’t have much in the fridge at all.. because no shopping has been done since we arrived on Monday. Beggars can’t be choosy right? So, i simply made use of what i have — yogurt and fruits, specifically, orange –

So, out came Orange Yogurt Cake with Grand Marnier and Dried Cranberries!

I tell you, these days.. i’ve been extremely naughty!

I add alcohol to all my cakes! :P

Just yesterday, i had, well.. almost the same thing ‘cept for the flavour, Chocolate Yogurt Cake with Baileys no less! Yes, i ate 2 heavy cakes in 2 days! Oh, did i mention we also had litchi konnyaku jelly as well? I’m terrible!!

Oh well.. as the friends say, i should eat!

After all, i did lose 2kg you know! *YES!!*

(ppssstt : i’m almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight!!! the lightest i have ever been for the past 1 decade.. mmmm.. to be more accurate, since mid of 2001 :P BUT i don’t feel it though. hmph. i still feel ba ba lor!)

This cake is baked with an angel in mind actually.

She did quite a bit for my boys when Darcy and i were away since 2 weeks ago. In fact, i’d be dropping the cake off at her place right after this :)

Fortunately, the remaining batter managed to fill up 6 cuppies.. for ourselves to test eat since i’ve not baked this cake before with the recipe i used.

Verdict : the helper begged for more! Hahahhaa! I love it! Fragrance… moist… zesty tasting… but unfortunately, no hint of the Grand Marnier *grrr*.. basically, i don’t think anyone would dislike this cake. Too easy to love! What’s more, it’s healthy! ;)

(UNLESS, u dislike orange laaaa.. then, bo pian liao :P)

Grin. You know.. i kinda wish i don’t have to give it away. Hahahaaaaa… i want more! ^_^

p.s : the recipe below is extremely versatile and it’s oh-so-good. you can bake anything you want with it with a few tweaks here and there *wink*


Orange Yogurt Cake with Grand Marnier and Dried Cranberries

(adapted from Donna Hay’s recipe)

125g unsalted butter, softened

1 cup caster sugar

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1 cup of thick plain yogurt + 2 tbsp more OR 1 cup of milk

juice of half an orange

2 tbsp of orange zest

2 1/2 cup self raising flour

1/2 baking soda

1. Beat butter and sugar together until light and creamy. Add eggs. Beat well.

2. Stir in yogurt, orange juice and zest, then, (flour and baking soda) x sift into butter mix to combine.

3. Bake in a loaf pan or a 9″ tin at 150C for 45-60 mins till golden brown.